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Choreographed fountain shows inevitably bring traffic to a halt whenever the operatic arias start.
Seeing and hearing her in these roles is one of the great operatic experiences of our day.
Listen to the predominant fashion in rock vocalizing: it's an evocation or parody of operatic singing.
Operatic tenor settles hotel suit over collapse of shower bench.
Projects of all sizes that involve works from the entire operatic canon are eligible.
He also possessed a fine operatic voice and worked steadily on the opera stage during the early part of his career.
Eventually his company offered a variety of recorded selections to the public, including operatic arias.
The program also featured a unique blend of operatic, folk and traditional musical performances.
He compensated for the instrument's flaws with an operatic vibrato, or wavering tone which became his specialty.
He was humiliated and felt certain that his operatic career, which depended on the goodwill of the public, was doomed.

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If music in general is an imitation of history, opera in particular is an imitation of human willfulness; it is rooted i... more
You have promise, Mlle. Dubois, but you must choose between an operatic career and what is usually called "... more
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