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For larger lawns, however, battery-operated or gas-powered edgers are more efficient.
The best way to water vegetables in containers is with drip irrigation operated by an automatic controller.
One occurred in a patient who was operated upon for popliteal aneurism.
They bore no ill-will whatever to the persons upon whom they operated in this unceremonious fashion.
But another cause operated to increase the irritation which was felt against him.
Wire racks hold the dishes in a boiler while a hand-operated pump shoots sudsy water at them.
The entire factory operated off a single shaft that ran the length of the rickety, old wooden building.
Until then the federal postal system had operated without stamps.
At the time, auctions generally operated as a wholesale market, where dealers acquired stock.
Most dark pools are operated by electronic exchanges and broker-dealers.
As an example he cited the switch from hand-operated espresso machines to the automatic variety.
Robots that help to detect and defuse mines are already doing service, although these are operated by remote control.
Many operated legitimately, but some offered improbably low prices.
It also inadequately took account of the changing environment in which a company operated.
They were joined by a cluster of other charters, supported by federal and state funds but independently operated.
The platform on which the lifeboat sits is also hydraulically operated and tilts when it is launched and recovered.
In the push to improve efficiency, wing flaps are now operated with lightweight electrical systems instead of hydraulics.
Credit operated not in opposition to categories of race and gender, for example, but through them.
He told me of incompetent surgeons with whom he operated who buggered up virtually everything they touched.
In addition, many other workplace surveys are operated in the same way.
They are not mutually exclusive if operated correctly.
It was a good landing spot because it was conveniently located and operated by experienced administrators and reasonable owners.
You're quite right, curiosity about the location of operable guillotines does not imply that they should be operated.
Now lacking the wooden ship's wheel, the bronze telemotor on the bridge once operated the steering gear.
The artisans who make this jacket create the pattern freehand as they guide the garment through a treadle-operated sewing machine.
The lighthouse was operated using fire at night and polished bronze mirrors that reflected the sun during the day.
It was the first time in naval warfare that cannons could be operated independently of the ship's maneuvering.
Operated by scientists on the ship, it sends back video and still images.
Even with the protective gear, the scientists often operated at the edge of safety.
The battery-operated device sends out a pinging noise that scares the dolphins off.
All functions are accessed with a thumb-operated controller and easy-to-navigate, on-screen menus.
It's about time the government operated instead to protect the public interest before special interests.
Later some co-operated and formed unities protected by cell wands.
There is nothing that can be done by human astronauts on the moon that can't be done by remotely operated robots.
It's almost as if people expect nuclear power plants can or should be operated accident-free.
Electric vehicles release almost no air pollutants at the place where they are operated.
The astronauts successfully operated the system again three hours later after it cooled down.
Fast reactors have been built and operated successfully, recycling has been demonstrated, albeit on a small scale.
There are no hookups, but comfort stations with flush toilets and coin-operated showers are scattered throughout the campground.
Amenities include an outdoor pool with patio seating area, fitness room and coin-operated guest laundry room.
Life in the aging, overcrowded prisons operated by many state agencies is dangerous and degrading.
The machine he had built for this purpose now operated for him alone.
The same number of streets must be policed and repaired, sewers and water lines maintained, and transit systems operated.
Typically, robots are designed to perform specific functions and so are only operated for short time frames.
It operated better when used at the minimum volume level, which seemed about right for somebody with my hearing condition.
Early on, his outsider heroes operated with an unshakable sense of right.
In those days, computers were still operated with perforated cards, and the general public knew little about them.
The speed at which the firing squads operated made his argument seem exiguous.
Later that night he's taken to the hospital where he's operated on and his appendix is removed.
Both agencies had counterterrorism units, but they operated entirely independently.
They finally believed me and operated on me a couple of months later.
Six months later he finally operated on one of the dogs to understand why.
But even then, it could have been operated without losing two orbiters and their crews.
Therefore natural selection operated in the direction it could: shortening gestation times.
We erroneously operated the submersible and it ran over the bone, so the bone was buried.
Engines operated in the atmosphere also suffer from flow separation if the nozzle exit plane pressure is too low.
But many of the drilling contractors are owned and operated by cowboys that are little better than thugs.
If it is an office building, presumably a business is being operated there.
Perhaps, for all its knobs and dials, the freezer should not be operated as a machine but instead played as an instrument.
For now, though, he has turned to a hand-operated version of evolution.
When a valve is operated the gas flows out of the perforations and lifts the skier a few millimeters off the surface.
It dictates how the government is to be formed, how it is to be operated, and the roles of its various parts.
Shuttle could have been operated much more efficiently and less expensively.
Back then, the two disciplines operated at arm's length.
Mobile power could give the military a huge advantage with remotely operated, unmanned equipment.
The robotic hand, which is made of a flexible plastic, is operated by a single motor that controls four fingers.
Another system, for placing catheters in the heart, is also operated from a remote console.
But the observatories still depend on battery power and require remotely operated vehicles to retrieve the data.
We have operated commercial aviation in a dark age's methodology.
It is lawful to use hand or hand operated shovel and to employ a cylindrical can or tube.

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