opener in a sentence

Example sentences for opener

The real eye-opener is a long-term series including older teenagers.
The offending first draft was something of an eye-opener.
Also the concept of using postpositions rather than prepositions was an eye-opener.
There's no reason for journalists to keep going back to the well for the same opener.
It was an eye-opener, with virtuoso dis-plays of color at every turn.
Yes please spend more and more money looking for a glorified can opener that has outlived its use.
Speaking of beer, there's a bottle opener on the strap.
There's even a beer bottle opener crafted into the bottom of the saddle.
And should you zoom during filming, you're treated to a grinding sound reminiscent of a faulty can-opener.
To open, a hole had to be punched in the top with the sharp end of a church-key style opener.
For many of the kids, it truly was an eye-opener into the intricacies of today's computer game play.
There's a new, golden vacuum tin for this cake, complete with key opener.
It comes when the opener pierces the little round can.
So now they have his car keys, his garage-door opener, and his address from the registration.
Remove the two ends of the large juice can with the can opener.
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