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But this year, as oil prices have soared, a gap has opened up between the two benchmark crudes.
As soon as it opened, thousands queued to cross it and its tendency to sway became only too obvious.
During that time a gap of around half a percentage point opened up between the two.
The latter was at home in his garret, busily writing at the moment, and he opened the door himself.
Put in kettle with one-half cup cold water, cover tightly, and steam until shells are well opened.
And they opened their mouth wide as for the latter rain.
He was in the midst of his exposition when the door from the corridor opened slowly and without noise.
Let's not forget that the consumer is also capable of contaminating the peanut butter once the jar has been opened.
How a mental disorder opened up an invisible world of colour and pattern.
If he opened the door with the car the game would be over, he wouldn't be asking you if you want to change.
The breakthrough opened the floodgates on metathesis as an important process in synthetic chemistry.
She still gives guests a complimentary taste of any opened wine.
Once opened, preserved chutneys keep for months if stored airtight in the refrigerator.
Once opened, store airtight in the refrigerator for weeks.
Some also lose heat faster when the oven door is opened.
One arts-journalism program has closed, and another has opened.
It opened itself up to sharp accusations that it had failed to stand up for freedom of expression.
The economy may still be in a shambles, but a number of colleges have opened new buildings or completed renovations this fall.
There's something disorientating about seeing a prosthetic corpse being opened up.
Drew, your column about fantasy football opened my eyes in a major way.
The pianist had opened me up to new aspects of jazz.
He took me to his home, where he opened a drawer and pulled out a sheaf of rice paper that had been stapled together.
The researchers used sophisticated nets that can be individually closed and opened at the touch of a computer key.
Through trial and error he improved both the material chosen for sutures and their placement when rejoining opened organs.
The moments in the history of art when a door is suddenly opened onto a wholly new range of possibilities are extremely rare.
It's true that, when the file was opened, this and that line of code in the computer program was executed.
Many others, of course, made important progress along the path opened up by the pioneers.
Two conscientious beef farmers on opposite sides of the country have opened their own slaughterhouses.
She whipped out a guest book, opened it a hundred pages in, and asked me to sign it.
It really opened my eyes to the fact that there's a lot of interesting engineering in the natural world.
And, yes, it has opened a new horizon in medical science.
As a result, he opened the door for generations of individuals to misrepresent his ideas.
If this theory was true, anybody having their skull opened for surgery would also become a genius and stop aging.
Doctors opened up her skull and discovered a slow-growing tumor pressing against her brain.
Most of the dome can be opened at night so that the telescope and the observatory floor remain in sync with ambient temperatures.
It is also possible that a time window could be opened up by a single string curved into a closed loop.
When the brain needed to time some event, a gate opened and the pulses moved into some kind of counting device.
My eyes had opened to the life-form that dominated the look of my new surroundings.
Specialized microscopes that can image individual atoms have opened up the nanometer-scaled world to scientists.
In an automobile engine, valves are opened and closed in a fixed pattern by rotating camshafts.
And they have opened up the possibility of printing such devices, which would make them cheap.
In that study, the anthrax was folded in a contained sheet and was ejected when the sheet was pulled and opened.
It slowly opened up and in the process people lost a lot of awareness of what was happening with their data.
Once they were able, people from all over the world opened their wallets.
Her eyes opened their widest, and she started down gently.
None had opened for a fortnight nor would for two months.
The troops opened fire on workers and killed dozens.

Famous quotes containing the word opened

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