open minded in a sentence

Example sentences for open minded

Scientists should be both more honest and open minded, though.
We are a combination of all peoples, if one could be open minded in this concept.
The exploration and observation of science could be more open minded and broader.
Second, some more open minded experts have set out to debunk these claims only to find they could not.
Scientists should always be open minded and examine evidence not engage in politics.
Doing so can make people feel happier, more open minded, and help educate them about other cultures in a positive way.
The majority of the people here are pretty open minded and pretty tolerant.
But if scientist would be more open minded in the first place things would develop faster.
Open minded folks grasp that idea as twisty as it may be.
For a group espousing an open minded view of the world, you seem to be rather closed minded when religious belief is involved.
They are definitely a lot more open minded and discerning than you gave them credit for.
Come on folks, you all need to be open minded about things.
Thank you for being open minded and allowing me to voice my opinion.
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