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We all offer our bodies and only a few are chosen, but it shouldnt reflect any special credit on those that are chosen.
Annoying people only works as a strategy if it's the only way to bring light to a legitimate, concrete grievance.
Nine new species that dine only on dead whales have been discovered, a new study says.
Primates can now move and sense the textures of objects using only their thoughts.
But the formula for deep ocean blue is rare, occurring in only one out of every several hundred thousand diamonds.
Your best and often only dining option will be at your lodging.
And the cops don't have to be the only ones with eyes in the sky.
There was only one way scientists could unlock the mystery of the famous iceman.
Support for this hypothesis comes not only from cross-national studies, but from studies of individuals.
Its shell can end up several feet down, with only its neck poking up into the water.
Not only is this chili easy to make ahead, it actually improves with time.
Touch one anywhere else and it only jumps one space.
Only that kind of experiment, he says, can suggest anything definitive about causation.
The sampling covers only a minuscule part of the prostate, making it easy to miss regions where cancerous cells may lurk.
Now, the only way out of that is to have some energy-dependent effect, but all the ones that make sense don't wash here.
Often a vintage is deemed magnificent at first, only later to be declared not as good as originally thought.
Imagine a weapon that creates sound that only you can hear.
Not only does warm water soothe us, it can combat loneliness.
They began not only to lose their homes but also their burial grounds and places of worship.
Eat only the petals, and taste each flower before using, as they can sometimes be bitter.
But that only makes it all the more shocking that politicians have done so little.
Wind waves, on the other hand move only water particles near the surface.
Sale is only one part of construction and you know it.
These beautiful speakers can focus their beam of sound so tight that only you can hear it.
The exact causality can only be speculated at this point but the correlations are robust.
Why only some hairlessness then and why have no other savannah dwellers done it.
The object at hand is one of only a few known to exist.
Only one problem: the copter isn't that hot at what's supposed to be its primary task: surveillance.
Only those who have experienced this condition understand the pain.
Most sports controversies live for only a season or two.
Such length, one scientist said, could only have been achieved in a pen.
Doctors have a narrow window of only four to six hours to get the heart into the waiting recipient before it is no longer viable.
He's alone, so high off the ground that perhaps only the eagles take notice.
Only monarchs born in late summer or early fall make the migration, and they make only one round trip.
And the board says that only vets may float horses' teeth.
Farms aren't the only place where these animals may be found.
Research on autism is only starting to confront that problem.
Crowds tend to be wise only if individual members act responsibly and make their own decisions.
Regional and metro edition circulations are not guaranteed and are to be used only as a basis for determining rates.
Females reproduce only every two and a half to five years.
Does well with only occasional deep irrigation in summer.
Letters may be shortened for print publication, and some letters may appear only online.
Only a handful of wild animal species have been successfully bred to get along with humans.
Bulbs are dormant only for a short time after leaves wither.
Inevitably, scientists will crack the neural code of subjectivity-it's only a matter of technology and time.
Others talk of leaving their car with the battery fully charged, only to return an hour or two later to find it flat.
The implication is that the brain only has to send a single move command to the arm, and the arm will do the rest.
The only upright laceleaf, this has a distinctly feathery green look.
However, only you can decide how important summer certainty at this place is for you.
Look at images from the only celestial body on which humans have landed.
In the case of only one independent variable with two levels, these are equivalent.
She applies makeup only on the right side of her face.
Don't submit anything for the rest of graduate school or only immediately before hitting the market.
Sometimes the procession wends its way through the town, sometimes it covers only a short distance.
The only solution to this to take a slow but steady u-turn.
Here there are no earthquakes, no fires and only the occasional hurricane.
Animals aren't the only living things facing extinction.
To a large extent, every one is a magician in his own right, it is only a matter of degree.
It was white and open and blue and beautiful, and the only question was where to land.
And now that digital technology has been thrown into the mix, that's only going to ratchet up.
Those countless thousands of us who were luckier can feel only sympathy for the uninitiated.
It's the only member of its group, the only member of its family, and the only member of its genus.
Inherited forms of anemia may soon be treated by turning on a gene normally active only in the womb.
That's the only number meeting the criteria having only two prime factors.
Astronomers see only their combined effect when many occur at about the same time.
Plant in full sun, and water deeply only occasionally once established.
It would only be so if you could produce or suggest something that it pretends to be and is not.
All the soldiers were exactly alike with one exception, and he differed from the rest in having only one leg.
Blinding would only be possible if the investigator didn't know left from right.
Will only let portions of it melt, and then they will be replaced.
These multi-nationally owned, limited liability companies care only for getting the gas out of the ground quickly and cheaply.
The truth is that both are getting bitten, but only one has a reaction to the bites.
Of course the only reason he was elected for governor here is because he was not the worse candidate.
Only twice has a president's party gained seats in his first midterm election.
It's not only scientists who are at work: volunteers-locals and even tourists-can sign on to help for a day or a decade.
Temples, as such, were not only religious but also commercial centers.
Robot dogs, for example, need only a change of batteries.
We're looking for some of the only giraffes in the world that roam entirely in unprotected habitat.
For one thing, the level of political discourse will only get nastier.
Only he has discovered another, more elemental way to explore it.
Until now, though, that reconciliation has been backed only by hazy data.
The site was only up for a week, but during that time it created more than its share of trouble and controversy.
Such are the brute facts of biology, which can only evolve because some living things are better at reproducing than others.
However, you should only submit your resume once for each job opportunity.
But only a handful of experts remain to look for and identify them.
There are some secrets of the pharaohs, however, that can be revealed only by studying their mummies.
Cones detect colors, but only when there's lots of light.
In fact, it's advice that only perpetuates the problem we're trying to solve.
It's the biggest thing you can aim for, and only a few presidents have achieved it.
For one thing, extroverts are overrepresented in politics, a profession in which only the garrulous are really comfortable.
The temptation to skip is almost irresistible, when wisdom can be purchased only at the expense of eyesight.
Even the pharmaceutical industry's best products are imperfect, working in only half-or fewer-patients.
Only the organization can provide the basic continuity that knowledge workers need in order to be effective.
Although this only increased the hostility in the philosophical community, the day was saved for the pure-text edition.
But it may be asked whether they are to be allowed not only to read the newspapers but also to marry and breed.
But making money is the only occupation that was open to the people who went there.
The only other individual nearby was a dozen spaced tables away, by himself, standing upright.
He keeps a ninja baton and a can of pepper spray by his bed, and only seven people have his new cell-phone number.
And the only thing football and hockey have in common is concussions.
They not only provided a magnificent last course, but they served also as the decorations.
Summer's not the only time to pickle and preserve in-season ingredients.
Chefs and restaurateurs only qualified if they also established a clear-and, yes, lucrative-brand.
Not only are the fancy trappings required of a three-star restaurant too expensive now but probably irrelevant as well.
The naan was only eight inches away from getting into the oven.
After all, their magnetic sense only provides them with information that lies on top of the images they normally see.
But humans aren't the only animals to use forced perspective.
Well, only an eighth of the fuel energy reaches the wheels.
The polar bear is the only bear that eats nothing but meat.
The one that counts brought not only light to the universe, it created the seeds of life.
Only then can anyone consider that it has reached the outer boundary of our solar system.
And because popcorn is one of the only products bought by weight and sold by volume, bigger flakes translate into bigger profits.
String theory does that, but only in a universe that has more than three dimensions of space.
But that isn't the only reason to keep track of methane release.
The only thing worse than a huge stinking pit of manure may be a huge stinking and foaming pit of manure that blows up the barn.
Not only had the parasites glutted his bloodstream, but he also was taking friendly fire from his own immune system.
Only the bones and artifacts can tell what really happened.
If physicists had any clue, they would know that not only is c the fastest speed in the universe, it is also the slowest speed.
One way is to put quantum dots in cavities so that light can only escape in one direction.
Climatologists are only beginning to model the role that water vapor plays in atmospheric circulation.
However, the panoramic photos these services offer provide only a limited perspective.
Atmospheric physics is so complex that climate scientists have only a rudimentary understanding of how it works.
It is categorised by sudden and dramatic price variations, particularly moving suddenly upwards but decaying only slowly.
But this would only possible if terrestrial bugs can survive the intense vacuum and radiation in interplanetary space.
The antibody colored yellow can bind only to a receptor on the surface of a cancer cell.
The green-colored antibody can bind only to an extracellular protein that promotes tumor growth.
The company only recently got a manufacturing license.
Not only would the move secure the plant's viability, but it would also help clean up the environmental reputation of coal power.
In contrast, implicit memory might only come into play when external stimuli trigger concepts.
The advantage, though, is that the drug is delivered only at the spot where it is required at the instant it is needed.
There are only a handful of such integrated systems in the world.
They are the sad reminders of careers that burned brightly only to sputter into oblivion.
They prized such things even though in the picture they themselves might only have a head the size of a pea.
It was a summer in which only have-nots wanted a cigarette or a vodka-and-tonic or a charcoal-broiled steak.
Social and spiritual deprivation bears down on these modest persons who have asked only the lightest measure of possibility.
Second, consciousness is always subjective in the sense that it only exists as experienced by human or animal subjects.
Not only has he wasted his inheritance and his talents, but his emotional life has been remarkably arid too.
They only used a small part of it for the commercial, but it was a proper song.
The sadness isn't only reserved for the players on the field, either.
And if you get one of these limited-edition bags, you'll not only be traveling in style but also supporting a good cause.
Not only that, but the stores also destroy the clothes first, cutting huge holes in garments and shoes so they can't be reused.
If only because it deals so heavily with zombie feces.
Only breakfast: coffee and a few breads and pastries.
It's found only in the pantry of the food scientist, and that's not who you want cooking your meals.
During a second appeal, only one extension may be granted.

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