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Example sentences for onlooker

Meanwhile up above, an onlooker waits, scuffing his feet impatiently and swinging his trunk from side to side.
After the candidates would shake hands with some onlooker, a volunteer would hand him a flyer and say a few quick words.
To this onlooker, the family resemblance was not readily apparent.
He took off his shoes, rolled up his pants and walked out into the water to get the onlooker pictures.
To any onlooker, he must have seemed a fledgling tumbled from a low-hanging bough.
It is a scene that an uninformed onlooker might think would arouse the suspicion of the local police.
If the onlooker is less than impressed he or she will display back.
The real hunter does not go into that world of nature as a casual onlooker, but as an active participant.
The coyote then approached her and bit her on the arm and did not run away until an onlooker beat the coyote with a stick.
With so many people fingering the pie, one onlooker already expects vigorous debate as these reports begin to circulate.

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It is the business of the critic, as of the portrait painter, to synthesize a million glances at his subject that will t... more
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