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Having the tabloid staple onboard led to a ratings spike, too.
Punch began as a sailors' drink, where everyone onboard-officers and ordinary seamen alike-would partake together.
The craft would then switch to an onboard oxygen supply and the motor would become a pure rocket.
Having someone untrained with a gun onboard an aircraft is dangerous.
Airline lounges and onboard policies also affect behavior.
Individual ships have adopted different onboard deterrents.
Beyond that range, its combustion engine will kick in, powering a generator for its onboard battery.
The machine carries an onboard battery that is able to run all this equipment.
The concept replaces the onboard nuclear reactor with ground based lasers.
They looked for evidence of onboard gas leaks, software errors-anything that might explain the anomaly.
When the crew onboard did a camera check of the tiles, they found the damage and were obviously seriously concerned.
Onboard tracking systems would take over during the final seconds as the interceptor homed in on the enemy warhead.
Unlike other aspects of the travel business, the airline industry has moved at a snail's pace to get onboard the green revolution.
Because the spacecraft is powered by sunlight, it will require no onboard fuel.
The onboard software then took over and simulated the different stages of a flight.
In its new line, the crank turns a mini transmission that drives an alternator to charge onboard batteries.
And all of this had to be done using equipment above ground that would control the robot's movement and onboard cameras.
If you are new to cruises, you might be shocked when you see the onboard price of drinks.
All retail items purchased onboard are tax- and duty-free.
All of the seats onboard offer a view, and window seating is available for an additional fee.
With airlines beginning to charge a premium for meals served onboard, more people are considering.
Industry-standard service fees, detailed on each cruise line's website, are automatically charged to your onboard account.
Based on the sensor data, the robot's onboard computer creates mathematical models of the state of its body.
As a result, engineers design these planes to use the onboard fuel as a heat sink.
The power will be generated by renewable energy and stored onboard in batteries.
The sensor is read by onboard electronics, with the data transmitted via radio to an external monitor.
They include an onboard gas- or ethanol-powered generator to recharge the battery during driving.
If it ever lost communications, tiny onboard computers would guide the vehicle back home to a fully automatic landing.
These batteries could be partly charged by an onboard gas engine, but also by electricity from a wall socket.
It has a lower freezing point and can be exposed to higher temperatures onboard a plane without degrading.
Hybrid would be an onboard generator for longer trips and the use of the electric motor for everything.
For longer trips, an onboard generator that runs on gasoline or ethanol will recharge the battery to extend the car's range.
Onboard computing systems are getting simpler and more integrated, requiring less wiring.
Sip wine in the onboard hot tub or sneak out for a moonlight paddle after hours.
Onboard computers failed several times during that year, at times causing the station to gyrate out of control.
Fares will likely remain low as cruise lines try to earn more from onboard extras.
Over the past several years, the small-ship cruise outfitter has witnessed a surge in the number of families onboard its boats.
The cruise ship is a floating resort, complete with an onboard surf simulator.
The motor draws electricity from a battery charged by a specialized onboard engine or plug-in power.
The information on temperature and depth is relayed through the wire to a computer onboard the ship.
If you're new to cruising, keep tabs of your onboard guest account.
Together, the setup ensures that a two-hour drive can charge the onboard batteries enough for a one-hour publicity stop.
Here's the latest on what's safe to take onboard and what's better off checked in.
He said the marauders onboard would withstand the siege, and didn't seem in much of a hurry to defuse tensions.
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