omitting in a sentence

Example sentences for omitting

Repeat with another pair of end-to-end sprigs, omitting the initial loop.
One of the biggest mistakes candidates make is omitting information that would be relevant or interesting to a hiring committee.
In omitting the index values, the report overemphasizes rank, which is after all not itself important.
Professors, it seems, are increasingly omitting final examinations at the end of their courses.
As if writing were a matter of overcoming bad habits-of omitting needless words.
To freeze pesto, prepare as above, omitting cheese and using the smaller amount of oil.
The number is only impressive when omitting the totals involved.
So in other words it is not an ordinary case of omitting mentioning a reference.
While omitting a plane's tail makes it way more stealthy, it also makes it harder to control.
There is a degree of delusion in omitting the uncertainty of lag times both in pumping up and then pulling the plug.
The list was notable for omitting rights for unwed couples.
He says simply that the two of them will decide when the time comes-ostentatiously omitting much say for the voters.
They are lying that they are omitting real estate and food prices because these fluctuate up and down.
It is tantamount to omitting the name of the orchestra director and the musicians when reviewing a concert.
And a new cost-of-living index omitting tobacco may be adopted.
Ill be omitting apostrophes as well so bear with my grammatically challenged response.
The criticisms are presenting half a story and omitting the other half.
The innovative character of the paper should be emphasised by omitting misguided prior work.
On human uniqueness, he reports only part of my discussion, omitting the crucial point.
Of course it's far from an exhaustive list, omitting in particular the bigger and better-known groups.
Meanwhile, cook pasta according to package directions, omitting salt and fat.
Omitting a file means removing it from the directory listing.
Attempt to publish the findings omitting the questionable samples.
Omitting individual dates of service required after entering description of services rendered.
Examples include omitting an element of a standard, omitting an element of a useable unit or oversight of field conditions.
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