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The ominous and foreboding music added to the ridiculous depiction of every day prison life.
Ominous sounds percolate amid a foreboding swirl of nighttime snow.
The official tone of ominous foreboding had been established.
Not only is the phrase a bit ominous, it's also a source of confusion.
Abstentions in the representative model rarely occur, but when they do, are more ominous.
The video features slick animation, an ominous soundtrack, and interviews with indebted students and critical professors.
They also indicate something ominous: she might well be dead before she can raise her first litter of pups.
Far more ominous are the explosives and weapons illegally entering the kingdom.
Ominous large boulders the size of cement trucks stood poised above this potential dig.
Our attention was immediately drawn to the ominous warning signs of land mines.
And then, as corroborative reports reached us from more and more places, it took an ominous turn.
Oh yeah, and the book also lacks the ominous voice-over and music.
Yet even this happy atmosphere harbored ominous undercurrents.
Then it turns to a dull sage green, and hurries more swiftly, smooth and ominous.
Its light struck a ghostly white beam across my cabin, and made an ominous shape on the planking by my bunk.
Every dark form in the dimness had its ominous quality, its peculiar suggestion of alert watchfulness.
The soundtrack is regularly punctuated by ominous heartbeats.
None are so ominous, however, as the trays in the refrigerator.
From the start, though, there are ominous intimations.
Nonetheless, the strange cluster of left-wing failures was an ominous development.
But it is far from clear to me that the changes under way are ominous or bad.
Ultimately, she could not shake her feeling of ominous dread.
But although some of the signs are ominous, disaster has not yet struck.
The past week or so has produced some ominous signs.
The huge date palms surrounding the house somehow made the darkness more ominous.
It had become expensive and clean and was taking on an ominous neo-Soviet flush.
Greenspan bore a large degree of responsibility for that ominous prediction.
B ut there were ominous signs-indications of an erratic nature.
There is a constant, ominous feeling of abandonment and crisis.
Cuckoo clocks, no matter when they chime, are almost always ominous.
The race between the two secular ex-generals for the premiership was more ominous, with fatal consequences to this day.
However, its own policies could have ominous implications for its proverbial golden-egg-laying goose.
There are dozens of presets to play with, from percussive sounds to soothing string sounds to ominous drones.
Pull the trigger and an ominous fin appears, slicing through solid ground until it surfaces to devour your foe.
We witnessed a pretty impressive mix of ominous foreshadowing and hot alien tentacle action.
The module consists of a dock with speaker, microphone and ominous glowing red eye.
Each floor seemed equally ominous: dark-blue walls and ceiling, a long, narrow hallway with a porthole at either end.
The ominous, cream-colored egg was the size of a pinprick.
Those deaths represent more than three-quarters of all known avian-flu infections-an ominous mortality rate.
The warning signs become more ominous as a patient's symptoms come and go.
More significantly, the ominous warnings feed on a popular misconception of how the mind works.
The mere tap-tapping on his computer had an ominous, premonitory quality.
Most important, it was during the cold war that the nation first started to worry about its various--and ominous--gaps.
The term experimental aircraft carries an ominous suggestion of danger.

Famous quotes containing the word ominous

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