omen in a sentence

Example sentences for omen

But word of its horrible condition is spreading through the souks, where traders see it as a bad omen.
It harms no creature, and its presence is considered a good omen.
You'd think her da was dead wrong when he worried about the omen of the sun on the day of her birth.
The couple take this bit of news as a bad omen and the fragile ties they have rebuilt fall apart.

Famous quotes containing the word omen

Often I am permitted to return to a meadow as if it were a given property of the mind that certain bounds hold against c... more
If the black man is feeble and not important to the existing races, not on a parity with the best race, the black man mu... more
The whole world is an omen and a sign. Why look so wistfully in a corner? Man is the Image of God. Why run ... more
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