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Older workers have lower rates of absenteeism and more experience than younger folk.
See the issues surrounding improving the health of older adults and senior citizens.
Look for wood from the previous season's growth, which is often lighter in color than older wood.
The older, longer vined types would probably look a lot messier without something to climb up.
Remove older, unproductive branches, cutting back to new branches.
After bloom is over, thin and neaten plants by cutting older, tattered stems to the ground.
These older strains are much more susceptible to diseases.
Loopers are somewhat difficult to detect since they feed mainly at night and hide in older vegetation during the day.
Still, the newest gasoline mowers offer an improvement over older types.
In my observation, younger guys grow beards to look older and more mature.
But the model doesn't work so well for older students.
Older games and consoles are cheaper because they're often available used and frequently come through donations.
In yet others, older siblings play a critical role because of their own knowledge of the college experience.
Carpet and floor-tile patterns also echo the angles at which the older buildings in the complex come together.
In many of our older cities, some of the cast-iron pipes that bring water to homes and businesses are a century old.
He has lost the secret of the older devices, and does not understand the new which were about to usurp their place.
But the influence of the older tradition of restraint proved too strong.
His genuine delight in the older verse preserved him from the complacency with which his age regarded its own versification.
In a certain kind of knowledge of the world they were years older.
Even then, though, there are even older sites all around the world that require more study.
The meaning of these and other older engravings depicting geometric patterns remains a mystery.
But the older you get, the sillier you look shooting toy guns.
Elliptical galaxies contain many older stars, up to one trillion, but little dust and other interstellar matter.
Only a few scattered and fragmentary fossils older than two million years have been argued to belong to the genus.
The wearing of shoes, though, is almost certainly older than the oldest known shoes.
Commercial fishing policies should stop picking on larger, older fish, a new study suggests.
In the case of the sticklebacks, returning to an older model made good sense.
Older students might be able to do this on their own with less guidance.
Get some older folks to help find stories or images that will help give you an idea of what to put into your picture.
For older students, you may develop a map of the school as well.
Decade by decade, life expectancy for older people has risen at unprecedented rates.
But the relationship seems to weaken as people get older.
Older employees cost more than younger workers so keeping them around adds to labour costs.
The older employees feared, probably with reason, that they would never work again.
Many older workers no longer have the means to afford a decent retirement.
As countries get richer, older technology constraints do not always fall away.
All this means that winning the support of older people will become a political imperative in every developed country.
The opening of social networks may now accelerate thanks to that older next big thing, web-mail.
The shift will place extra strain on public finances, because older people will pay less in taxes and collect more in benefits.
But for all the fervour that these answers suggest, belief in a world religion does not exclude nostalgia for older ways.
In other words, new translations are based on older material than older translations.
In the longer run, a shortage of talent-exacerbated by demographic trends-is likely to create growing demand for older workers.
The ultimate power of older folk, however, stems from their propensity to vote.
Saving enables older people to have an income when they are no longer working.
Some future economic problems are structural and much of the blame can be placed on older workers.
They are changing the role of older people, as many pensioners rejoin the workforce.
Packed planes, older fliers spur long lavatory lines.
The older you are, the more data you have to process and recall for each event.
Older folks may appear to react or process info slowly.
In the past couple of decades, the number of older fathers has increased.
Debate about older adults' driving skills often touches on obvious impairments, such as failing vision and heavy medication use.
But in daily life, researchers studying older people have found, cortisol might be helpful in getting the forlorn out of bed.
Taking the herbal supplement for six years did not keep older adults any sharper.
Older brains do not think as quickly as younger brains do.
Older flatware would have had actual flowers and shells on the handle.
With relative ease, one was able to adapt older, more complex recipes.
Six out of ten report having experienced an extrasensory presence or power, versus only four out of ten among older generations.
Laying off older, more expensive teachers is not good for those teachers.
If the upgrade cycle is slow, families can hand down calculators from older kids to younger ones.
Even when crime rates dropped, older urban areas still had more violent crime than other cities.
When adults of middle age and older throw tantrums and hold their breath until they turn blue, it's less charming.
Instead, they've decided to stay put and renovate their city apartment or fix up their small house in an older, closer-in suburb.
There was no rivalry between the two older brothers.
But that was later to change, probably something to do with my getting older.
But in his personal life, as often happens when people get older, some of the old trickster's masks began to harden on the face.
At every stage of life, some people seem older or younger than others of the same age.
They met with his older brother, who had bitten his fingers even more severely, and had chewed off his lower lip.
It was one of those school mornings-some older guys had got her high on beer, for a joke.
Older or harder or more serious-he wasn't sure which.
Record companies have agreed to think that the older audience is their pot of gold.
Given all the new complexities in the sciences, it is no surprise that innovators are actually getting older.
Ethanol may be becoming cheaper to make, but ethanol is destroying open cycle engines and older cars.
Cars that run with ethanol actually last longer than the older ones that runs on gasoline.
The problem is that as technology advances, older code becomes stale.
Older satellites fuel could be conserved until absolutely needed.
Many cars on the road are older cars driven by people who can't afford a new fancy flex fuel vehicle.
Deaths from malaria are rising as older medicines fail.
Once they became adult rats, their rate of milk drinking dropped and then stayed steady as they got older.
Only older mosquitoes can transmit dengue fever because it takes several weeks for the virus to reproduce in the insects' guts.
Older human remains and temporary hunting camps and work sites have been found, but longer-term habitations are rare.
The latest version of the cyclic model even matches key pieces of observational evidence supporting the older view.
Macular degeneration is the leading cause of permanent visual loss in older people.
Upper arms and thighs show age, so as you grow older, you have to wear less-bare clothes.
It's that conflict between the older and younger generation that makes for such great fun.
You're older and have been successful in your own right.
The average flush uses three and a half gallons, but some older toilets have eight-gallon tanks.
Knowledge of safe food handling is needed to help older adults stay healthy.
Information and statistics on older driver safety.

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