old fashioned in a sentence

Example sentences for old fashioned

The fully packed old fashioned cabbage roses also lure me in.
And, you admit that the idea of breakfast served in bed is old fashioned.
But some of us learned doing it the old fashioned way.
If it's important to me, personally, someone gets in touch with me the old fashioned way.
The old fashioned banker used to go to his office so punctually that you might set a town clock by him.
His conclusion was that it had to do with a low frequency noise produced by wood expanding near an old fashioned furnace.
It is so sad to see them sealed indoors after school when old fashioned time sets in.
The lesson is that a lot of the old fashioned patterns are good.
My mom used to use old fashioned guilt as a way to keep us in line.
High torque engines are old fashioned, out dated, and costly to operate.
He has made his reputation and some money the old fashioned way-he's earned it by thinking and writing.
Good old fashioned firewood may be a viable alternative for heating your home this coming winter.
We offer the finest quality meats raised the old fashioned way.
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