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Note how many writers have not lived happily, or to old age.
There is a story that in old age he was stopped for speeding after a wild chase featuring three motorcycle cops.
Old age is tough on brains, sapping them of a variety of abilities.
Of course if you live to a ripe old age in a bad financial market environment it could disappear.
No surprise then that both taught, and taught exceptionally well-and into old age.
New technology is bringing people a longer and more active old age.
Sickness is different in this respect: few of us will escape it, especially during the scourge of old age.
These are the workers that are going to care for you and provide their taxes to you in your old age.
The signs of old age become steps towards that confrontation, with a lifetime to resolve it all.
Most of us will die in the prison of old age, perhaps liberated by senility into incomprehension.
And unfortunately, many of them never came home, or are likewise approaching old age.
Basically the radiation there is not as bad as some people had feared, but the died of old age containment needs to be fixed.
He offended so many people during his career that many were surprised he died of natural causes, in old age.
He can look after his parents in their old age, and bring in a dowry instead of costing one.
Okinawans teach us that it's the simple things that get us to a healthy old age.
Ideally, future centenarians who avail themselves to life-prolonging advances won't suffer the familiar frailties of old age.
Yet, in the end, old age and disease weaken the stem of the great plant.
Boys were considered more valuable-as heirs or for support in old age.
Thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace, thou shalt be buried in a good old age.
They increase during pregnancy and especially after delivery, and become atrophied in old age.
He was extremely fond of this retirement, and used to call it the nest of his old age.
Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.
When old age actually came, something curious happened.
Old age is the night of life, as night is the old age of the day.
Learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.
Stern and sad he could hardly fail to be, but his old age was peaceful and not bitter.
These days, however, many in the rich world are faced with another certainty: old age.
They, too, will want adequate and affordable incomes in old age.
But many governments are worried that their citizens are not putting enough aside for old age.
The other eternal truth is that money can mitigate any problem, and its lack in old age is a real tragedy.
Other things come with old age besides saggy skin and weak bones.
These are stars that have swelled up in old age and are nearing the ends of their lives.
The idea is to pool resources to insure against the risk of poverty in old age.
In general, the more education you have, the more productive your old age will be.
Researchers will scour their genomes for variations that are more common in carriers who have made it to old age cancer free.
But joints can falter with disease and old age, leaving millions searching for ways to keep them healthy.
Antiaging researchers could provide a powerful approach to treating the many diseases of old age.
Every generation requires a strategy for its old age.
She was our albatross, and she was finally euthanized when old age and her phobias left her unable to function.
And they settle into an old age made comfortable by the warm glow of self-satisfaction.
It is a melancholy fact that poets seldom sustain their creative vigor and prowess into great old age.
Now that old age prospers, walking to the car over the driveway's ice turns perilous.
Males both carry on the family line and provide for their parents in old age.
Otherwise they are perfectly healthy, and with today's improved nutrition and medical care can live to ripe old age.
Animals feel strain of old age, zoos develop geriatric care.
It is, as much as failing vision and impaired hearing, a common malady of old age.
We're not signing up for doom and gloom and old age.
The results: participants who got reminded of their age and the old age, poor memory stereotype did significantly worse.
Living a longer life does not mean the mutated flies endure a lengthier old age.
The reason, say scientists who study this elite group: centenarians may possess genes that protect them from disease into old age.
We still have quite a number of dormant neural stem cells at old age.
Most of the symptoms of old age are caused, directly or indirectly, by our bodies' inability to continue regenerating themselves.
The spacesuits worn by the first astronauts are falling apart from old age.
The genetic flaw caused him to age prematurely and die essentially of old age before completing puberty.
Both the cognitive benefits of motherhood and the enrichment effects were relatively permanent, extending into old age.
Understanding how they work may reveal the keys to extending human life span while banishing diseases of old age.
Drugs that tweaked it could well postpone cancer, diabetes and other diseases of old age.
He seemed to me the ideal of graceful, vigorous, even beautIful old age.
Those words are the preferred company of his old age, however spurious their counsel.
In old age, his directness is part modesty and part wryness.
He had enough money to see him into his old age, yet he wanted more than that.
Plummer, who is turning eighty himself, effortlessly suggests largeness of spirit even in foolish old age.
In your old age you might find you're desperate to set down your memories.
It's one of the few perks of old age when it's there.
Being involved in a lawsuit is a lousy way to spend your old age.
Now he has trouble sleeping, an affliction of old age.
Controlling inflammation could be the key to a healthy old age.
Baboons who live to a ripe old age are the ones who know what friends are for.
Moreover, they did not display their parents' susceptibility to cancer and diabetes and lived to a spry old age.
Senile pruritus often refers to the dry skin of old age.
Some live to a ripe old age of three years, and some die within months.
The downside to being ethical is that it makes the welfare state geared toward old age benefits a bit less plausibly sustainable.
Frustratingly, the answer is usually nothing more than old age.
Doctors once called this condition involutional melancholia-the deep, deep despair of old age.
That's exciting, for it means that some of the memory problems of old age are potentially reversible.
The guy's scheme worked for decades and he only got caught in his old age.
However, many act as if and plan as though they will be alive until an old age.
One of the few unalloyed pleasures of old age is living long enough to see yourself vindicated.
The major pleasure of old age lies in the ruthless one of remembering.
Neither of the two had ever been money-mad, but old age requires a bit of a cushion.
It seems hardly imaginable that so great a painter could have whipped off, even in old age, such hasty and superficial doodles.
In old age he went bankrupt by refusing to close an uneconomical coal mine.
At one time, the end of middle age signaled the start of retirement and old age.
But researchers are beginning to think far more is at stake than keeping teeth into old age.
The fact that so many people do perform well in old age and can learn new skills also shows that positive outcomes are possible.
The crippling symptoms of osteoporosis have become almost synonymous with old age.
The fight against old age has long been good business, and it's only getting better.

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