okra in a sentence

Example sentences for okra

He would bring us tomatoes, and greens and okra and cabbage from that little farm he had right there on eighth avenue.
And she creates sushi with local ingredients such as smoked duck and pickled okra.
Again the usual line-up of seasonings okra the thickener.
Southern-style sides include hush puppies, fried okra and green beans.
The barbecue joint features smoked pork, ribs and chicken, as well as such side dishes as fried okra and baked beans.
True to the restaurant's name, table centerpieces feature jars half-filled with corn feed and a long piece of dried okra.
For me it's a tie between pickled okra and kosher dills.
His raita, a garlic-infused yogurt condiment, comes with a sprinkling of crunchy fried okra on top.
Okra is listed on the proposed label as a member of the fruiting vegetables.
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