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It's okay to sip or slurp from the bowl, and shovel the last bits of a meal using your chopsticks.
It is okay to look at notes periodically, but don't depend on them during the interview.
As long as you're not hurting the animals in a permanent way it's okay.
People with short versions of the gene do okay when they lose sleep.
It was okay for some things, but she still couldn't play soccer or basketball.
Nevertheless, a day trip was probably okay by five years after the accident.
Most neo-Communists, you'd probably want to help them back out onto the street to make sure they'll be okay.
It's okay to mountain climb, to free climb up the side of the mountain.
That's probably okay given that some countries that signed it ultimately ignored their commitment.
Monitoring what's going on, making sure that everybody's happy and okay.
They run a little big also so you might be okay with a smaller size.
He told her, whatever happens, he was going to be okay.
But as long as the humidity is low enough to allow you to perspire, you will be okay.
The music is okay but nothing that sticks in my head.
Being backward is okay until you realize how modern other parts of the world has become.
If they have little or no experience in one or both of these settings, that's okay.
For now, things appear to be okay on the financial end.
If they have little experience in one or both of these settings, that's okay.
It will be up to them to determine whether not having a receipt is okay.
Apparently, it's okay to impugn all priests at this university.
Maybe once in awhile, if you really have to have those creatures on your menu, okay.
And it was a little slow at first but overall it was okay.
Okay, now take a look at the dreamy concoctions on these pages.
Oil-packed sundried tomatoes are okay, but not my favorite.
We know many of you will use an electric mixer, and that's okay.
Okay, so you can't actually see the ocean from this cafe's back patio.
Okay, so, everyone has their own opinion and this is mine.
Filling your carry-on on luggage with cookies or bananas is legally, if not quite nutritionally, okay.
Okay, as an avid cruiser, you know that simply could not be true.
No storylines progress, which is usually okay since it's a sitcom.
These units are okay for the average consumer who utilizes highways during a daily commute.
Okay, it's a little rougher than roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories.
It thinks it's spelled correctly and everything is okay, but the sentence doesn't make any sense.
Okay, that would be an example of increased cognitive control.
Of course the radiation from modern medicine is not okay either.
Corporations and their spokespeople seem to think that they will be okay even if the environment is poisonous to humans.
Okay well, there's another step toward augmenting reality by waving your hand at it.
The mobile version of the website appears to be okay, too.
Okay, it's not a point of view that leaves a lot of room for canned tuna.
If you think it's okay for two, you have to differentiate for me why you're not okay with three.
Okay, the drive might be able to be shared wirelessly.
And, forgiveness is not saying that what the ex did was okay.
Keep in mind that professional hair coloring is wicked expensive, and you have to keep doing it to keep it looking even okay.
If they are interested in game and wants to become a game maker, then it should be okay.
First, he's genuinely optimistic the economy will be okay, in part because he's sanguine about the expiration of fiscal stimulus.
When it comes to who can buy this or that piece of clothing or nifty electronics, okay, who cares if there is inequality.
It's okay for story writing to be a collaborative art.
However it is we're bumbling along, we're doing okay.
Okay, we've eliminated people who are not intellectually adequate.
He raised his hand into a recognizable okay sign-- okay to transfer.
Now, there should have been all kinds of signals in the environment that told him everything was okay.
Okay, so a few reptile ringers are presented under the more familiar generic term dinosaur.
That's okay, you're a busy guy, so it can be forgiven.
There was also one by me, which starts out okay but got a little rushed at the end.
The second team retorts that their images were too okay to use, and the first team may have been looking at the wrong pictures.
It's going to be all right, you're going to be okay.
We make sure heart rate and breathing and blood pressure are okay.
Okay ive thought about it, no the equivalence principle is an illusion.
He was too thin, had a bad back and only okay grades so the colleges stayed away.
My sense, from waking during the closing credits, is that it all worked out okay.
Vegetarians are okay, especially if they enjoy the mint leaves that are crushed into the bourbon.
If everyone is drunk around you, being drunk is okay.

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