oil spill in a sentence

Example sentences for oil spill

Science isn't going to cure cancer by next week or clean up the gulf oil spill overnight.
At this time there is no effective plan if a catastrophe such as a ship collision or oil spill occurs.
All proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to help support oil spill-related relief efforts.
The recession and now the oil spill mean money is scarce for both students and colleges.
Shrimpers are not sure what to expect in terms of the oil spill's effects on the product-or on demand.
Unfortunately the size of this oil spill makes is fairly difficult to see how effective any of these efforts are doing.
Best news of all: the oil spill is plugged and no hurricane ever went across the slick while the oil was still flowing.
The severity of the impact of an oil spill depends on a variety of factors, including characteristics of the oil itself.
The impact of the oil spill may affect students and adults in different ways.
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