oil slick in a sentence

Example sentences for oil slick

But a more common way to see the cancellation is in an oil slick.
One pint of oil can produce an oil slick nearly one acre in size.
Vessel-deployed ignition devices are soaked with a volatile compound, lit, and allowed to drift into an oil slick.
One pint can produce an oil slick the size of a football field.
The oil slick formed may stay together, or it may break up in rough seas.
Airplane applying chemical dispersants to the oil slick.
Contain the spill with absorbent pads or booms, and do not apply any detergent or emulsifier to the oil slick.
Sea water is pumped through spray nozzles mounted on the headers to move an oil slick toward the boat.
Dispersants do not remove oil from the water, but instead break the oil slick into small droplets.
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