ohmmeter in a sentence

Example sentences for ohmmeter

Change the circuit and use the multimeter as voltmeter, ammeter, or ohmmeter.
If the special silver chloride battery in the blaster's ohmmeter is depleted it must be replaced with an identical battery.
Test bolted connections for high resistance using low-resistance ohmmeter.
Measure contact resistance when closed with an ohmmeter.
In the resistivity method, measurements are taken on an ohmmeter, which indicate the resistivity of the subsurface.
Use low resistance ohmmeter, or check tightness of bolted bus joints by calibrated torque wrench method.
Using an ohmmeter instead of a simple conductivity meter can enhance the lab.
Test continuity between access locations by use of a temporary wire connecting test points in-line with an ohmmeter.
Use an electronic multimeter set on the high range of the ohmmeter function.
Furthermore, a short across this contact would exist undetected unless it was specifically tested with an ohmmeter.
Minimum floor resistance will be measured with a suitably calibrated ohmmeter appropriate for the task.
Measure resistance through connections with a low-resistance ohmmeter.
Test insulation on each bus, phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground with suitable mega-ohmmeter.
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