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The vernal equinox-one of two times each year when night and day are officially of equal length-is upon us.
He will officially retire from racing at the end of this year for a well-deserved, if unneeded, rest.
Twenty-five years ago this month, smallpox was officially eradicated.
And, with temperatures down and the flowers up, the season to visit has officially begun.
They say it's good to not be officially denied tenure, but never explain why.
But the group remains officially banned and is now under heavy pressure.
While wild chimps are officially endangered, captive chimps are only threatened.
Nothing should go there unless it's officially accepted for publication.
Harvard is yet to comment officially on the proposed changes, which, although approved have not yet been fully designed.
It is officially barbecue season or, for those to whom barbecue means burying a pig in a hole in the ground, grill season.
Winter officially begins late tonight and this winter solstice will be a rare event.
If your master's involves history, it doesn't matter that you're officially enrolled through another school.
The has been no peer reviewed research that has been officially published or officially recognised as research.
Of course much of this implementation will be in a grey area of something the government does not officially approve.
Although he is not officially a weather forecaster, there is great demand for this kind of information, which falls to him.
Your idea sounds great, so even if nothing officially is done nationally, maybe you can get it started.
Unemployment rates are already far higher than anything officially admitted.
Perhaps he believed that this would be officially welcomed.
Schultz has been on administrative leave for months, and his employment with the university officially ended today.
They all have their own reasons for not officially throwing their hat into the ring.
Thus far, the private secretary felt officially sure of dishonesty.
But many do not live to be officially registered as a charge upon the county.
The details of precedence were never officially determined.
They adjusted their itineraries to keep on the same course, and soon they were officially traveling together.
The sales-tax break, for instance, officially lasts only a couple of years.
Though he never performed the kind of miracle needed to be officially canonised, his power was close to unearthly.
But their slowness to register officially as candidates is an indication of the peculiar dynamics of the race.
The term covers people who are sent home on nominal pay, though not yet officially sacked.
In some cases, the civil servants are officially in charge.
Policy makers at the highest political levels have officially recognised the impact of these projects in public declarations.
Officially, one in every four people in the formal economy is now unemployed.
With holiday season officially upon us, it's time to think about presents for your loved ones.
However, many were not reported officially as it took money and extensive time to legally try and form a case.
Not all cholera patients go to hospitals to be counted officially, she noted.
The economic recession has been officially over for nearly two years now.
Such objects are officially called dwarf planets and their definition is decidedly arbitrary.
It is unclear if the police officially took over the case at this time or later.
As soon as she sank into the sweater, it was as if she were officially home, and no longer had to explain herself.
Officially, they're brown, but for you they'll always be blue.
But this brief flicker of unofficial light was soon officially extinguished, and darkness was restored, thicker than ever.
By the end of the century, the separation of public health from clinical science was complete and officially recognized to be so.
Officially it is an inflammatory bowel disease, but it is neither wholly infectious nor exclusively autoimmune.
It is to me more correctly seen as an open letter, officially directed at one party but actually intended for others.
Some parts of the mainstream may have tried strongly to give that impression, but they haven't actually officially said it.
We had the groundbreaking ceremony a few days ago, so the project is now officially underway.
Okay, this practice of photographing ever cooler stuff is officially starting to get disturbing.
While the bill officially gives the president a lot of power, in reality it takes some away.
Seven additional lawsuits have yet to be officially filed but appear imminent.
As the pilot, he was officially in command, but he understood that he was in no condition to make decisions.
It was a big show, so he can't be that broke, but he might be officially broke.
And when the show finally did open officially, the place was mobbed.

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