officialdom in a sentence

Example sentences for officialdom

It seems they have been seconded by officialdom and taken to an unknown destination.
West didn't say anything that baseball officialdom hasn't said for years.
Liang also demonstrated to officialdom that they need not view the mere existence of citizen groups as an outright threat.
Officialdom and much of the population treats minorities either with suspicion or as colorful tourist attractions.
Their messy relations with officialdom were uncomfortably on display.
Underlying them is a shift in officialdom's view of the economy.
However, officialdom's hand may soon be forced here, too.
The anger of laid-off workers has long been one of officialdom's biggest worries.
They do so in order to curry favour with local officialdom.
These figures have led to a near obsession in officialdom with boys and their schoolwork.
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