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Even so, it can take a full week to produce the vetted and official offer letter for signing.
Official newspapers were probably glad not to have to second-guess censors' concerns about that kind of imagery.
Astronomers might think they have it tough waiting for the ultimate validation of discoveries: an official name.
Imagine you are a government official with confidential messages to send.
The official flatware, ashtrays and such will probably appeal to antiques dealers.
The journey to gain official status can be a long trip.
Neither thinks that official debt figures mean all that much.
The railway's official hotel, walking distance to downtown.
No pricing details have been offered for the game, nor an official release date.
First, she was speaking personally and was not outlining any official position.
Yet a significant number of people believe that the naming of a star is an official activity.
All the information prospective gamers might need can be found at the game's official site.
Official transcripts will only be required at the time of hire.
The official reason is that it's a fascinating biologically derived material that isn't biodegradable.
The official said all of the foreign students decided to remain on campus.
But whatever the official date, the work of these four laser pioneers sparked a technological revolution.
Though there is no official betting, millions of lire change hands.
Official transcripts are required at time of appointment.
Official transcripts will be required of successful candidate.
The official separation had to be part of the new government.
Indeed, it was semi-official, and called to promote the public good.
Laws were compiled into official tomes, contracts were written down and nothing was valid unless put into words.
Yet the country's official statistics are notoriously ropy.
More worrying still for private investors, this seems set to give official creditors preference over others.
Yet the actual news of the day occurred following the meeting, at the start of the official press conference.
It took two weeks to negotiate an official obituary.
They can also charge high fees from students from outside their official catchment areas.
For example, you might compare data on cash transactions or electricity consumption with official output figures.
The teachers will be volunteers, the courses will cost next to nothing, and no official credit will be given.
She may be waiting until her resignation is official, which is good, and it is wise to let her continue to do her job.
Questioning official history can expose scholars to accusations of separatism.
In an area that is already seething with anger at official corruption, the arrests may serve only to ratchet up the tensions.
Not necessarily an official language or the largest language in a nation, but one that is spoken in all geographic areas.
But that official border is not a true reflection of how the community is really shaped.
The information matched official results in certain places and generally followed the same trends.
Let's see some charts, photos and the names of those making the official pronouncements.
First, as long as nothing is official, the manufacturers can't be sued.
The recipients are listed below, from the official announcement.
He also eluded censorship to tell a story that, though intimate in scope, depicts his rage at the official order on a grand scale.
For example, an official met for the first time may abruptly sink his fingers into your neck.
It will naturally provoke reactions opposite to those intended-though probably unspoken, and beneath the official praises.
Jamie was permitted to be the official photographer.
As an elected official is accountable to the citizenry a historian should be accountable to his biases.
He had come in his official car, and he forked over about five thousand euros for the night of fun.
Such a thing could not have happened without official arrangement.
Let us therefore never lose sight of the humanity of this music, even when it gives itself an official and general air.
Some are willing to give up the official privileges that, they believe, cause the public to resent them.
He received two benefits-of-the-doubt from official scorers on plays that might have been judged as errors.
At official inspection stations, tailpipe emissions would simply not register.
Until its official opening today, the building's exact height was a closely held secret known by only a few people.
There are no official estimates of how much the conversion will cost, but it will not be cheap.
However, if a teacher or other school official were to do this, that would be a different matter entirely.
It's well known that certain people in official federal positions were entirely aware of the threat.
So, per the official count, the number of student deaths was disproportionately small.
If you are looking for information about the crash from the airline's official website, you'll be disappointed.

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