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Each day she greets me with offhand indifference but slowly warms to my presence.
His offhand comments about the day's situations will be greatly missed.
What separated him from a run-of-the-mansion celebrity portraitist is his offhand intimacy and sly wit.
YOur offhand comment re today's capitalists not being reasonably is not supported by the evidence.
Not offhand, but the practice appears to be common, especially during initial training.
He answered in an offhand way that that place was as good as any other.
However, once the guest had taken his departure she resumed her old-time offhand manner and was as playful as possible.
The setup is ideal for capturing offhand noodling or tunes that pop up in your head on the bus.
Wyler sensed that the gesture, if made with offhand self-possession, would instantly establish character.
One academic dean made an offhand comment about how it had actually yielded some faculty retirements.
It shows up in a dismissive or covertly hostile atmosphere, or in offhand remarks.
They can't really prickle you if you don't take offense at their thoughtless offhand comments.
The envoys' reception was so offhand that they decided to cut their trip short and returned home in a huff.
Interesting that two commenters seem to be enraged by a proposal that this article mentioned, then dismissed offhand.
As it is, cases of damage are so rare that no one in the place could remember an instance, offhand.
The net effect combines high seriousness and offhand charm.
They all adored him because he cared in an offhand way about the things that mattered to them.
He also too often said something offhand that he later had to retract or explain.
His ear for the language, his gift for the landscape of foolishness and deceit are so offhand and accurate they do not alienate.
Both used their insecurities to their advantage, exposing the offhand ways in which social arbiters dispense with pretenders.
Offhand he mentions his growing awareness to another acquaintance who is also an alien.
We're not supposed to be prosecuting people for offhand jokes.
Didn't always directly answer the questions but deflected and hedged with offhand subtlety.
These pictures make statements too, but in a more offhand language.
But the siren call became too tempting, especially after an offhand-yet-impeccably-timed remark made last spring.
The vision only resurfaced, then, in an offhand way in one of the prosecution's final-hour supplemental pretrial filings.
On offhand grinding machines, work rests shall be used to support the work.
There have been several variance requests and inquiries received concerning the use of work rests on offhand grinding machines.
Federal law does not prohibit simple teasing, offhand comments, or isolated incidents that are not extremely serious.
As a bonus, there is an offhand comment about why humans had abandoned their cities some time before the story starts.

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