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Example sentences for offering

It's right on the shore, with a boat dock offering small boats for guests.
Homemade candy is wonderful to have on hand for nibbling or offering to drop-in guests.
Last month the government started offering grants to slow its decline.
Kaplan plans to go further, regulators permitting, by offering students a full refund if they drop out during their first term.
Triangle has undertaken a second restructuring over the past five years, to prepare for a public offering.
Alas, this week it was forced to scale back both the valuation and the size of its planned offering.
But they would rather take the ladder away and throw a stone instead of offering a helping hand.
Students join him in sprinkling cornmeal on the ground as an offering.
The justifications for offering online learning opportunities are clear.
Business-minded legislatures are demanding more education while offering less money to pay for it.
And colleges are offering degrees in homeland-security management.
Encouraging physical activity may be as simple as offering small rewards.
But technology is also offering a glimmer of a second chance.
Better bet: find the companies offering the drug for sale, and invest in them.
Or they'll believe more fervently that they got a slot machine that had simply gone cold, offering them no chance to win.
Digital health care apps, especially via smart phones, are offering users unprecedented control over their health behaviors.
Below is a list of facts about tornadoes, offering a quick reference of tornado records and stats.
It is seven centimeters high and depicts the king standing, wearing a blue crown, and holding an offering table in his hands.
So you make an offering, and that offering is something precious to you, whether it be human blood or animal blood.
Offering the boys gifts of ribbon, he eased their fears and was soon led to the settlement of tepees.
Energizer has always been committed to offering more performance with more responsibility.
The sacrificial bloodletting is accompanied by the offering of a fish to represent the watery underworld.
Airlines are dropping their summer rates, offering deep discounts on what are typically expensive routes.
Yet still the country is offering remarkable resistance when it comes to data protection issues.
Thousands of apps will be downloaded, perhaps used for a week, and then abandoned in favor of the lastest snazzy offering.
Offering aid to truly needy students isn't a problem, he argues.
So merely offering prevention services could require partnering with a medical facility.
We double your pleasure by offering not one but two buttery, nutty shortbread rounds in each cookie.
Within a few years, there were dozens of places offering their versions of shrimp and grits.
We will be offering an ocean fish entree, with a vegetarian option.
Gourmet's editors chose a new release that goes beyond the standard offering of recipes and tips.
Offering consumers whole-genome sequencing--and software to interpret it.
These folks would still be waiting for the big phone and cable companies to get around to offering broadband.
Apple's latest offering proves that revolutionary tech products don't have to be that revolutionary.
The company also says its offering can give mobile devices up to four times the battery life.
Multi-touch and motion-sensing devices have recently emerged from research labs, offering new ways to operate computers.
But it also has stopped offering everything for free and tried to sell a subscription package.
Researchers have pinpointed a surprisingly common gene that may cause infertility, offering new avenues for treatment.
At first that sort of offering gathers an audience slowly.
The archaeologists believe the skull, which was found on its own in a muddy pit, may have been a ritual offering.
Along the way deceased relatives or spiritual figures may appear offering comfort.
Now it is back, offering a unique way to put theories about.
Sent apology email offering public self-evisceration.
The third offering in an ongoing series on failed summer-reading projects.
The first offering in an ongoing series on failed summer-reading projects.
The fifth offering in an ongoing series on failed summer reading projects.
The fourth offering in an ongoing series on failed reading projects.
The magazine's fiction editor provides the second offering in our ongoing series on failed summer-reading projects.
It was an oddly effusive greeting in what is typically a somber moment: the victor offering his condolences to the vanquished.
Still, it is a genuine occasion, offering much to think about for believer and doubter alike.
Instead, they are demanding that the players give back some of their income, and are offering little in exchange.
Art galleries are free and open to the public, offering information and advice, along with the art works for sale.
Be sure to ask whether your state regulator has cleared the offering for sale in your state.
His comments appear in red italics after each dueler's offering.
Her comments appear in red italics after each dueler's offering.
Her comments appear in italics after each dueler's offering.
The builder is also offering discounts on home sites.
Check out these four restaurant chains also offering freebies for the kids.

Famous quotes containing the word offering

...let whoever is of a generous heart bring the LORD's offering...... more
The soldiers also mocked him, coming up and offering him sour wine, and saying, "If you are the King of the... more
We see us as we truly behave: From every corner comes a distinctive offering. The train comes bearing joy..... more
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