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Example sentences for offer

After thinking the matter over for some time you then offer the following suggestion with which to test simultaneity.
Broadband already has the highest profit margins of any product cable companies offer.
Only at that point can the committee extend an offer.
Those in the business of helping people choose offer various tips.
The three sisters and two brothers may offer insight into the way our apelike ancestors moved, according to scientists.
All you have to offer is what one guy reportedly said from a translated newspaper account.
Henry's calendar would offer an extra seven days every five or six years.
Serve one or two selections before dinner, or offer a collection for an appetizer party.
Lots of them now offer courses on ethics, surely a key attribute of professionalism.
Self-guided online therapy may offer relief for a wide range of disorders.
The proposed building, when it has been erected will offer to contemplation some rather remarkable phenomena.
Spooned around the pie, mashed potatoes offer casual comfort, but they can be piped for a more formal effect.
In other words, get ready for the sales clerk to offer you yet another option along with the useless extended warranty.
Today, he offered his alternative, perhaps not as a final offer but in an attempt to drag the debate further to the right.
The porches offer the perfect spot to savor a true neighborhood.
Above all, the overlooked and frontier markets offer businesses a chance to get in on the ground floor.
Other sites within the park offer golf and even places for flying model airplanes.
Conspiracy theories offer attractively simple explanations for a chaotic world.
Every garden should offer a secluded place to relax.
We keep track of your interactions with our sites and our services to offer a more personalized experience.
Besides basic red beets, nurseries and garden catalogs offer seeds of golden yellow and white varieties.
Both these drives are challenging and require planning and preparation, but offer thrilling experiences as a reward.
More and more wineries offer organic varieties to lower their eco-footprints.
These magnificent flowering trees and shrubs offer remarkable variety in color, leaf shape, and plant form.
Named varieties offer a range of tree sizes and foliage colors and shapes.
Hot peppers likewise offer a range of sizes, colors, and pungencies.
The many species offer a wide range of flower colors.
Have partygoers ladle soup into mugs or small bowls, and offer condiments so they can tailor each soup to their liking.
Offer spinach salad laced with ribbons of raw pumpkin and a bruschetta bar with a trio of savory toppings on crisp toasts.
But coves of varying size along the crenulated riverbanks offer plenty of room for privacy on the water.
Many of these deciduous kinds offer a bonus of edible fruit.
We all offer our bodies and only a few are chosen, but it shouldnt reflect any special credit on those that are chosen.
They want to go straight to the talk shows, where they can offer their opinions on issues they barely know.
These areas, which are also lively during the day, offer the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable evening.
The best thing to do is to turn them down quickly, so they can make an offer to their next candidate.
The other mining firms have now followed suit and improved their offer.
Generally, when they make the offer, they offer salary and terms.
Fidelity has indicated its interest in the private-equity firms' offer.
Neither do convertibles offer attractive rates of interest, if indeed they offer interest at all.
Awesome enough at sea, hurricanes offer a variety of threats to land-dwellers.
These companies may offer you a way to choose not to have your information used for advertising purposes.
While the highest peaks may be for experts only, two good guide services offer beginners' outings as well.
The park's trails offer hiking and bird watching and the outdoor pool is big with the youngsters.
Several well-established eateries along the way offer hearty meals, quirky specialties, and plenty of local color.
The wares on offer range from bicycles to television sets and cosmetics.
Until the end of the month our guest panel offer their perspectives on the debate.
We offer many windows on the world to help you guide your curious preschooler toward safe and fun exploration of the world.
Drugmakers and retail chains offer meds at bargain prices.
Traveler can provide advertisers with exciting and effective merchandising programs that no other magazine can offer.
Each pair should offer geographically diverse looks at a similar theme.
But tailgating spectators in villages along the way offer live music and nourishment.
The best two applications are selected for an internship offer.
Digital cameras today offer superb image quality that competes directly with film.
Automats, moreover, always sought to offer the widest possible variety of culinary choices.
Beyond broad outlines, though, officials cannot offer much that is concrete.
Patients and families were desperate to try anything that might offer a longer term solution.
Crisp blue and warm camel offer clean contrast to the checkerboard floor.
Fuel-cell-powered vehicles could offer more than twice the efficiency of today's autos.
Needham is mulling an offer from a developer who wants to turn his farm into a retirement community.
Top the bananas with a sprinkling of grated lemon peel and offer warm maple syrup to drizzle over the fruit and cakes.
And knowing about these methods can offer immunity to the one being persuaded-aka the mark or the chump.
Your local water provider may even offer a rebate to help defray the cost.
Unprecedented research and rescue efforts may offer a lifeline to species on the edge.
The market also has stalls that offer other types of food.
Before winter comes, take a long weekend to see the best of what the park has to offer.
The epistles of the great orator and politician offer both personal insight and policy initiative.
Enterprises of the highest importance to our moral and material well-being unite us and offer ample employment of our best powers.
There were enough to offer to start it out, but the chances were greatly against its getting there.
The difficulty is that what they offer is sometimes as low in art as in price.
With interest rates close to zero, money-market funds cannot offer a decent return.
The preservation of truly untouched wilderness has to put a value on nature over and above what nature may offer to humans.
Initially, this illiquidity was attractive since it seemed to offer more alluring returns.
The beneficiaries of the new parsimony are, unsurprisingly, firms that offer low prices.
They offer to have connections up and running in days rather than months.
Both economic rationalism and natural selection offer few explanations for such random acts of kindness.
Secondly, they offer some clear appeal on valuation grounds.
The wrong approach is all too obvious on many of those corporate websites that offer self-service help.
Unfortunately firms have not had much else to offer.
Anti-poverty campaigners can admire their efforts to offer banking services to the illiterate.
My place doesn't send out contracts until the summer, but offer letters come a couple of weeks after the verbal offer.
Some potential internal candidates stay out of the search but offer to be available if no other candidate is appointed.
If you do not want any personal information shared, you may always decline to participate in the contest or special offer.
In those cases, the college might offer more technical support to the department or allow it to hire a new faculty member.
They're useful tools, but they don't offer content beyond what the users put into them.
In this first installment, it makes sense to talk about what sabbaticals are and offer a few tips on how to apply for one.
In any case these are things raised once you have a job offer, not in the interview.
There was no way he could wait that long to respond to the offer, so he took it.
We were the first university to offer an accelerated law program and the first to offer an undergraduate program in human rights.
And it hasn't been clear whether they'd offer the same benefits to people.
Some may even offer you a few different answers all at once.
Broadcasters will be able to offer even more channels in the available bandwidth, too.
The city can even offer a free compost collection service, then turn around and sell the compost to farmers.
Virtual worlds offer millions of online visitors the chance to ride a dragon or build a fake real estate empire.
Market-based techniques of financial management can also offer weather-risk insurance to the farm communities.
Biology and chemistry also offer opportunities for producing power.
Although single-crystal cells offer high conversion efficiencies, they are expensive to make.
We offer education and interpretive exhibits that capture these experiences.
Travel across the continent and discover all it has to offer.
So it's not surprising they offer many pathways to your inner mellow.
Many offer electronics recycling, depending upon the type.
These information-packed guides offer savvy advice and the in-depth information that sophisticated travelers demand.
These should offer employment for a few people who move to the town as well as for others who commute.
They offer a short but deep dive into far-flung cultures and transformative experiences.
Most refute the texts and offer ample evidence of their fraudulent nature.
The center's trails offer climbs, twists and turns, and lush views of hillsides and mountains.
Mazda is being cagey about what vehicle will offer it.
When it opens later this month, it will offer full episodes from these networks and others.
For conservationists they offer a view that can't be seen any other way.
But they'd probably offer the kind of information that could.
The company hired a model to show off the notebook, but did not turn it on, offer any specifications or allow anyone to touch it.
What it means to want a solution, but have none to offer.
Readers respond and offer their own nominations here.
Incentives for white-collar employers to find cheaper ways to offer cheaper services.
They offer historical examples of supposed overreactions to threats to national security.
Not to mention that starting jobs don't offer much leeway dealing with loans.
No other social networks offer the same global reach--or commercial opportunity.
There's truth to all this, but let me offer a qualified disagreement.
Be sure to include the city and state where the image is taken, and as detailed a description as you're willing to offer.
While single-origin beans provide pure notes of flavor, blends offer harmonies.
Before everyone rushes off to their new age healers, let me offer a couple of stories in response.
Grilling fruits is certainly not a new idea, but it takes a little imagination to bring out the best that they have to offer.
They offer vegetarian small plates that are creative, satisfying, and always involving seasonal produce.
These sweet soups are often spontaneous creations based on what the market has to offer.
In the next two weeks, the company will offer a broad swath.
The creative possibilities that physical books offer is invigorating and rewarding.
And it'll be interesting to see what life has to offer.
At midday, someone would usually offer us something to drink.
New reactor technologies offer poorer nations cheap, safe, efficient power.
However, the panoramic photos these services offer provide only a limited perspective.
Certain subscribers might offer service to other subscribers.
And it isn't cost-effective for newspapers to offer ad design services for accounts below a certain size.
Many websites offer purchase suggestions based on previous buys or what other, similar users have bought.
Such materials could offer a more effective way to deliver drugs or imaging agents to the interior of a cell.
Anyway, the computerization of vehicles does offer an opportunity for hacking, but that's not the only way to cause mayhem.
Experts are looking into ways to preserve the broad creative freedom that mashups offer while making them safer to use.
For as much as batteries offer, though, they still annoy us with their frequent need for recharging or replacement altogether.
The site allows people to keep clippings private, share them with specific people, or offer them to the public.
Solid-oxide fuel cells could offer a better alternative.
All three studies offer a grim prognosis: the aftermath of financial crises tends to be nasty, brutish, and long.
These early bloggers didn't always offer much commentary.
In the meantime, thinkers and writers of various political persuasions offer a rich harvest of ideas and suggestions.
All are informative, original, and offer unusual insights.
However, neuroscience does offer insight into a related phenomenon, the indignant outrage of the cheated.
Few things in life offer more visceral proof of the power of physics than a karate chop.
String theory may also offer an alternative picture of the first moments of existence.
For besides providing safe harbor for the development of life, vents offer a natural temperature gradient.
Wild strawberries offer a good example of hitchhiking tactics.
Furthermore, they offer a much higher degree of resolution and are more accurate.
Museums and moviemakers seem not likely to offer that approach soon.
Each year, video games offer more challenging and natural experiences, from motion-controlled action to augmented reality.
Fossils offer some clues, but opinion is divided over what the clues mean.
Likewise, sometimes you will really want to learn some particular subject, but your department doesn't offer a course in it.
The catch is that if the partner refuses the offer, all the tickets are confiscated.
Compared with cows' bodies, though, our bodies offer different immune defenses and different chemistry.
My guess is that his single biggest reason for wanting to win was to avoid having people offer condolences for not winning.
First, it failed to offer any sort of line out of this tragic rut for these sad moms and dads.
It was an apt phrase for a speech that, historically, is calculated to offer a little bit of everything to practically everybody.
If you enjoy sinking yourself into a role and not worrying about it being your face on-screen, this does offer you that.
Heroes offer us maps, guidelines and directions on how to live our lives and how to conduct ourselves with others.
After the introductory offer period, prices on future billing periods may be higher.
But none of them can do much more than offer sympathy for the poor dopes' entrapments.
If the offer is rejected, neither participant gets any money.
His speech--snoozy on the page, rousing in the hall--didn't offer any grand arguments.
He began to offer farmers multiyear contracts at guaranteed prices, provided they could produce a uniformly high-quality fiber.

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