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Instead, his name crops up whenever a baseline of offensive futility is needed.
Students set up another free speech wall, this time taping over any language that could be deemed offensive.
To offset all this, the industry needs a charm offensive.
Not many people can talk about so many risque issues with humor and without being offensive.
But if you have a risotto hankering and not much time, take the offensive.
It's time to correct your offensive fonts and graphics.
Most of the offensive value is produced by a small core.
Some of these statements can be offensive to the faculty or students who view them.
Even offensive speech in a private setting, evidently.
The city has a miasmic, sweetly offensive odor impregnable to the monsoon or to the daily industrial pollution.
Its less morally offensive to anyone who is there against their will.
Leaves have strong peppery scent that some people find offensive.
There is something particularly offensive to me in the forging of academic credentials.
But getting back to the ants: it's not really clear how they are supposed to be offensive.
Clearly it was time for preservationists to take the offensive.
Any other approach is simply offensive to the whole notion of scientific discovery.
For those who lack a sense of humor, often people laugh at statements that are deliberately offensive.
The blossom is pollinated by flies that are attracted by its offensive smell: rotting flesh.
In my opinion, evolutionary theories such as this are pretentious and offensive.
Of course, the arts needn't be offensive nor difficult to understand.
Whatever the subject, he had a view, usually offensive to one party or another.
Monitor the compost for offensive odors, which indicate an imbalance in the compost ratio.
Such an offensive often requires that folks essentially live out of plastic bags for weeks to prevent re-infestation of clothes.
These people only wanted to show us how much they loved and respected us, so it would be offensive to refuse food.
Testing for diseases has a real social benefit, but testing pre-schoolers to find out if they have the right stuff is offensive.
No connection to local culture, aesthetically bland if not offensive.
My purple potatoes were definitely less offensive than gelatinous fish.
Second, the amount of scrutiny over the power consumption in this article is almost offensive.
His offensive moves, however, aren't those of a forward or a midfielder.
Months after the carefully planned offensive here, large areas of terrain are not fully cleared.
Maybe the state should not be in the business of prosecuting politicians for their offensive views.
But a participant from religious studies chastised him, saying she found his comments disparaging and offensive.
Its views may be odious, but free speech should be valued to protect not anodyne views but offensive ones.
He nevertheless finished the practice and joined his fellow offensive linemen for post-practice conditioning.
The offensive use of geoengineering could take a variety of forms.
On the other hand, you could let him know that you find his stories offensive.
But many governments quickly found ways to block content they deemed offensive.
The consensus about what is tolerated and what deemed offensive or dangerous varies.
Drink and womanising destroyed his two marriages and landed him in court for offensive behaviour.
Please stop using a derogatory acronym that is offensive.
With every new military offensive, the traffickers slipped into a new region and became stronger.
To throw away an image of an altar is sacrilegious and extremely offensive.
Idiomatic or usual form of speech, not meant to be offensive.
If he does he will make himself offensive and ridiculous.
But there is much in him ever offensive to democracy.
They have proved themselves offensive partisans and unscrupulous manipulators of local party management.
They have to write offensive and defensive, despite their fidelity to the c in offence and defence.
He was also easy in conversation, and he made himself agreeable without any offensive affectation.
He can avoid the use of those pedantic terms which are really nothing but offensive and, fortunately, ephemeral scientific slang.
By this means the two confederates for offensive measures were enabled the more securely to begin their concerted operations.
If he presents himself in every speech he is sure to become monotonous, if not offensive.
It is an offensive package complete with three wide receivers and a tight end.
Tenured faculty here have been reprimanded by the dean for polite interaction that was merely perceived as offensive by a student.
For that reason, the library includes a disclaimer that some of the material may be considered offensive.
Words that are vulgar or offensive, or refer to unsavory topics.
One nasty, offensive, mean-spirited little word should not be allowed to defeat the real education of our students.
It is offensive in itself, even without considering the harmful consequences.
If you find it offensive, change your hair color you have an option.
Moreover, if a protein carries the wrong sugars--from yeast, for instance--the human immune system goes on the offensive.
Instead, there may be a gender difference in what is considered offensive in the first place.
To be also accused of ignorance and intransigence was offensive.
These people can be as offensive as religious fanatics.
The generalization is obviously incorrect, offensive and does nothing to support your perspective.
Resident-created content can be amateurish and even offensive, but it easily keeps up with demand.
As a practical matter, however, it is difficult to distinguish between offensive activities and benign ones.
But this latest offensive has unprecedented momentum.
But some guests, no matter how dull or offensive, manage to turn up time and again.
The mainland's charm offensive has at times been subtle.
Still, the self-confident fatuity and condescension of the entire show are offensive.
But younger performers came to see his antics as offensive.
It's not that it's offensive, or that it leads to discrimination.
But the double standard here is obvious and offensive.
But if you rely on the web, you need a more precise offensive.
Further, he didn't know exactly who wrote the offensive things and they didn't represent his views.
They can disarm an opponent before he can move to an offensive position.
It doesn't strike me as offensive so much as really, really, really off in every way possible.
So it's no wonder many people find the concept silly or offensive.
Mapplethorpe stands accused of having represented in his work subjects considered offensive by a portion of the population.
Straining at the barricade, protesters peered in at them as if they were offensive objects in a museum.
Some of the stuff these teens put out there is dangerous and offensive.
The best defense against this anti-science offensive is to make sure that the correct message reaches a wide audience.
By trading genes, bacteria can gain new powers in a single bound, including both offensive and defensive abilities.
Please elaborate one which points you found offensive.
Had they been lifted, he would have rebuilt his offensive capabilities as fast as he possibly could.
The payoffs are really gratifying without being offensive to your sense of reality.
Scandalous in the sense of shocking and morally offensive to some people.
What would be offensive, in their view, would be to write a crummy song.
If such behavior is reasonably found to be offensive or intimidating, it is in violation of this policy.

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