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In the absence of such specificity, there is no offense.
His football team is good at offense and at punting, but pathetic at defense.
Bones can be controversial, because indigenous people may take offense to excavation.
He paused and looked at the handle, as if to imagine the nature of the offense.
Shover received the felony charge as this was his fifth retail theft offense.
In addition, those who provide false information when registering a domain name could also be charged with a federal offense.
They were polyester, green polyester, and the members of the hiring committee considered that a serious offense.
Soon it could be you, because of some casual online comment that gives offense.
With no offense intended, this reply is to the complaint department, if there ever was one.
The first is the defense and the second is the offense and this will be evidence for political conflict.
His offense was that of collecting insects under an electric light.
It is my opinion that skewed data should be a criminal offense.
Participants in the high-power group considered the misreporting of travel expenses to be a significantly worse offense.
No one, no even the fiercest critic of modernity, takes offense at them.
The offense is an offense and dodging taxes for the once the largest oil companies is a top tier government offense.
Even slander of older persons was a capital offense.
The offense in the writing is bred from social discomfort with the subject.
No offense but you're supposed to keep the end of the book a secret.
It's a lot easier to do statistics on offense and be confident of them.
To deliberately write regulation that is wrong for the economy should be a capital offense.
Perhaps spending less time taking offense to comments posted would solve this problem.
Rather than being on the defense, having to prove yourself usefulness as an economist, you should go on the offense.
We could add scout badges and sashes to go along with the offense.
Earlier a court had convicted her husband for the same offense.
Corruption will be almost impossible to conceal at the higher levels and it is a capital offense.
The point is that predisposing oneself to commit an offense should not excite police attention.
The reason drug courts are needed is that drug use is still a criminal offense.
Note that in some areas, bump keys count as burglary tools, and possession of one can be a misdemeanor offense.
One former high-school recruit says coaches told him they would change their offense to suit his style.
He responded in a manner expressing his offense that someone would even consider such a thing.
The misdemeanor carries up to a year in prison, but sentencing guidelines suggest probation for a first offense.
Any country that makes blasphemy a criminal or even a civil offense has declared itself to be less than civilized.
Some might take offense at being told to get well soon if they know they are dying soon.
She felt there needed to be some sort of connection between the offense and the purifying punishment.
But sadly, this was before the day when one couldn't be tried twice for the same offense.
Sometimes the best defense isn't a good offense-it's a good diet.
Merely walking through an upper-caste neighborhood is a life-threatening offense.
They were warriors who believed that the best way to win battles with neighboring tribes was to have a good offense.
The supplying of such articles to such physicians or by their direction or prescription, is not an offense under this article.
Whatever may be alleged against him is as nothing compared with her offense in leaving him.
The officer withdrew, saying that he was ready to answer for his offense in whatever way the banker liked.
The one possible cause of offense that must be faced is when the interests of your friend and your own sincerity are at stake.
Not having antivirus installed is a security offense.
After each offense, prison officials extended his sentence in isolation.
Under his rule, the consumption of coffee was a capital offense.
But the question now is whether his alleged offense should be criminal at all.
The offense arrives on the field with a two-receiver, two-end package.
Making a mistake is a crime: you break a plate by mistake and it's a real offense.
And, of course, it's a criminal offense to possess anabolic steroids without a valid prescription.
As a player dominates an offense more, the defense adjusts.
Add a little counter-offense of sincerity as defense.
No one in history has ever been executed for a crime and committed a second offense.
Unfortunately, you can't have a free society without offense.
Others seem to take offense at claims to expertise among us bloggers or among responders using terms of art.
The campus judicial council found him guilty and, since he had a prior offense, recommended that he be expelled for two semesters.
Beyond this, of course, the whole idea was to give offense.
No offense intended, but your insistence on this point makes me tend to dismiss your concern.
Again, the offense was deemed worse when it affected fewer people.
It's that offense that leads to an obsession with biological evolution.
The team's philosophy had been to outscore their opponents and they loaded up on offense.
Hubbard's sole offense was to claim liberty for himself and try to win it.
The wording of the proclamation was broad enough to cover almost any remotely similar future offense.
The positive disadvantages in time of peace were certain: the coalition would make them its fortress for defense and offense.
On the third hand, the outcome seems fairly ludicrous in proportion to the underlying offense.
It is often in the excuses and in the apologies that one finds the real offense.
Although the killing of a panda or an elephant was a capital offense until last year.
Championships might be won with defense, but games are definitely dictated by offense, you know.
Then there's number two, who is the guy that goes back and forth and plays a lot of defense and offense.
We always have the side who seemingly abandons morality to achieve advancement, and the side that takes offense to that.
The reality here is that people cannot agree to disagree, they rather want to take offense and run with a meme.
No offense, but this sounds pretty archaic, especially when dealing with the technologically advanced subject at hand.
If religious folks or non-believers take offense at that, great.
It was a practically criminal offense to my brain, eyes and ears to witness that horrifying dreck.
Second, it does explicitly state that those papers contributing to his winning the grant is a punishable offense.
Should something sneak by the firewalls, first offense is guaranteed disciplinary action, and repeat offenders are terminated.
The exile is essentially a political figure, though the offense he has committed may have been in the sphere of morals.
What caused offense in that speech was less its substance than its form.
Punishments for this kind of offense included public humiliation, plus flogging.
While the ball is dead there is a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty by the offense.
The real offense is the church's theological sophistry.
The new law makes it a primary traffic offense and it will go into effect immediately.
Listing of potential first offense penalties available to licensees.

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