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Example sentences for offended

Develop a thick enough skin that you can read the negative student comments without getting offended.
Commentators seem less offended by their alleged flouting of securities laws than by their drive for profits.
Offended adults objected to the gruesome punishments inflicted on the stories' villains.
If you haven't been offended by it, you haven't seen enough copies.
However, while the diplomat has apologised if his strong language offended anyone, he has not taken back his words.
The offended gathered their modern-day version of torches and pitchforks-tweets and status updates-and expressed digital outrage.
But it's not the terms of service themselves that offended users, it's lack of control over their data on the site.
The poor little darlings with their delicate sensibilities were offended by what the professor said.
Please accept my apology for insulting you and anyone else who may have been offended by my action.
You've likely offended some readers with your honesty.
He offended so many people during his career that many were surprised he died of natural causes, in old age.
Then there were a couple of them that were offended by my asking questions.
When he took up drawing and painting, his originality offended his teachers.
The folks who got it seemed almost offended in their video acceptance speech.
Those offended by such works certainly have the right to condemn, to shun and to picket.
The student did not seem to be offended by my inquiry, and it was definitely a teachable moment.
It was routinely censored, with offended parties simply blacked out of the comic in some cases.
Those have mostly dropped out of use since today relatively few are greatly offended by it.
He offended nobody and was resilient and competent, never brilliant.
Show them that you're not self-conscious and that you won't be offended if asked to slow down or repeat yourself.
Some are expecting it, others will be offended by it.
One does feel robbed of credit, but not overly offended.
So, it's not surprising they were offended by this shrine to their oppressors.
Perhaps a few plastic bags could do the trick, but don't get offended if people think your costume is full of hot air.
If you really get offended by a drawing on another persons body then you need to seriously get some focus in life.
Being demoralized and offended, however, never propelled anyone further along the path of creative productivity.
Apparently, it has caused quite a few comments from people who support this idea and those who are deeply offended by it.
Offended audience members may easily avert their eyes.
For the current situation, don't think you especially offended me or anything.
And everyone saying offended this is a scientific study.
The second nerve was that of people offended by overly simplistic economics.
Offended, his new friend invited him to visit his factory the next day.
But if someone did, the offended party could eventually retaliate with trade sanctions of its own.
He was working at a local diner, and was so poorly treated, that he harmed the manager and subsequently re-offended.
People are offended when you repeatedly turn down their invitations.
The gesture has offended many by seeming to pile an insult of fantasized fire onto the injury of only too real water.
It's not that they're offended by what you say, but more that you omitted sparkling parts of their résumés.
After a year or so, she walked away from a prison work site, escaping as she had offended: nonviolently.
The lady, not at all offended, replied with excellent arguments to all his objections.
Don't be offended if your partner takes you out of a bid, and don't take him out for the glory of playing the hand.
Woe to us if they who could chase away our enemy be offended by our negligence, and deprive us of their visit.
The correspondence flies back and forth, all concerning a naughty word that has offended a handful of theatergoers.
He had offended the adherents of a great religion that was a voice of the poor and downtrodden.
Many people were offended by the idea that the presidency could be claimed as a birthright, as though it were family property.
Back then, the answer seemed to be that it would have smacked of political expediency and offended his sense of honor and dignity.
She was offended that her husband was shot with a cheap, low-powered gun.
To preempt angry and offended psychology professors: this problem is not limited to their discipline.
One cannot help it if people constantly get offended.
Yet when someone challenges his own need to believe in an afterlife he is offended.
Once again, the religious claim a special right not to be offended by opposing views.
Many of you seem legitimately offended over the subject matter, and blindly oppose views that contradict yours.
It's funny reading some of the offended responses to the article.
She was so sold that this worked she was actually offended by my pain.
For what it's worth, philosophers would also be offended, because they imagine that philosophy is the foundation of science.
If someone acts offended you will be seen as a bully whether you actually were one or not.
No scientist who is confident in his product would be offended by others wanting to check his work.
He also used it to get back at some of his rich friends who, for one reason or another, had offended him over the years.
He even got pretty offended in an interview right before the film's release.
He is offended by criticism of his nec s as diplomatic bunkers, and as quite the wrong signal to send overseas.
Mel was actively trying to get people to tell him if things offended them.
She may have been both more offended by similar remarks and more intimidated by them.
He was shocked and offended by the campaign, and wrote not to join but to condemn it.
The fleet is trapped because someone has offended the gods.
One does not have to be a jingoist to be offended by that statement.
Usually the suspected witch already had a reputation for being difficult and easily offended, or unreasonably demanding.
The writers appear more offended by the timing and tone of my review than by its evidence and findings.
Please do not be offended if your project request is denied.
If you know of something that should be here and isn't, please don't be offended.
If you are not seeking such information or may be offended by such materials, please exit this website.
If you are not seeking such information or may be offended by such materials, please exit this site.
If you think you have offended someone, clarify and apologize.
Some people worry that the doctor will be offended if they ask for a second opinion.
Some people worry that their doctor will be offended if they ask for a second opinion.
Do not be surprised or offended if you are not integrated into the emergency right away.
We in no way want to offend anyone and apologize to anyone who is offended.
Do not be offended if a notary asks for identification.

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