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In voicing this mild, admittedly personal opinion, it was certainly never my intention to offend readers.
Anyway, verbatim, their words might offend readers of a family newspaper.
But it didn't offend me because they weren't doing it to be menacing.
To not offend they supergroup of behaviors can be called tradition.
He could also offend people, and he did so frequently.
It is easy to offend so you must be ever alert to the impact not only of what you say, but how you say it.
Businessmen fear punitive tax demands if, say, they offend an official.
The sidebars offer advice from how and what to pack to money smarts to how not to offend the locals.
How easy it is to manipulate those mortally afraid to offend.
Yet all the ministers were fretfully anxious not to offend the uninvited.
Know the local taboos so that you don't accidentally offend someone.
Something to offend everyone, it appears from the excerpts.
Each programme must please a lot of people a bit, and cannot afford to offend anybody.
It's the nature of politics that some views offend those who hold opposite views.
But it is not in film makers' interest to offend against tradition.
The upshot of all this is that the expedition manages not to offend modern sensibilities.
Furthermore, that he thinks you are a good candidate and doesn't want you to offend the dean.
Party officials argued that pious citizens had the right to affordable leisure space that did not offend their values.
Each of his films is guaranteed to offend some of the people all of the time, including his staunchest admirers.
We have a longstanding, and to my mind extremely important, tradition of not outlawing things solely because they offend people.
Government doesn't want to offend minority groups, and big business wants the cheapest labor it can get.
If they put down language they will offend people, if they put down dialect they might also offend some people.
Those who do not fit into the community of the lawful are outlaws and can be punished or killed if they offend this community.
The result: watered-down programming designed primarily not to offend.
The rest of the menu follows through, and is full of unusual combinations that delight more often than they offend.
Rather than a show that hopes to offend nobody, it would be a show that aims to entertain, no matter whom it offends.
So in essence you're saying scientists shouldn't study anything that might offend some group or other.
These huge rewards may offend egalitarians, but they make a lot of economic sense.
The styling oozes of designers being told not to offend anyone.
Swear words disappear not through censorship, but when they no longer offend, according to the exhibit.
But here is a cold observation, intended not to offend but to put things in perspective.
He had managed to scare and offend many of the elite while keeping his approval ratings high.
After all, he knew many great sushi chefs personally, and he wished to offend no one.
Be scrupulous about completing work on time and take pains not to offend anyone.
But the law does not protect those who offend the powerful.
If it doesn't offend somebody it's probably not a joke.
But the desire not to sicken or offend the noncombatant public should not be among them.
He's determined to neither offend his inquisitor nor give away an iota of personal information.
Then there are the apologies for anything that might offend.
We believe that many offenders continue to re-offend due to never having known any other lifestyle.
These principles apply to both specific programs and approaches when working with high risk to offend or re-offend juveniles.
Research has been conducted that looks at the relationship between risk to re-offend and level of treat ment intensity.

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