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Funny that such offence seems to be taken over the asking of questions.
Making a false statement to a federal official is an offence.
To lobby for continued coal combustion is in my opinion a criminal offence.
If the police had caught her, she would have been guilty of an offence.
The city has even made aggressive begging an offence.
In fact it is unethical and should be banned as a criminal offence.
No offence but it seems to me that the scientific content of this episode was especially low.
But that hardly makes up for the offence and inaccuracy.
It recently announced plans to make kerb-crawling an arrestable offence.
The complainant then proceeded to exhibit his ledger, as embodying proofs of the offence that had been charged.
Scarcely had these proceedings ended when another prisoner was brought into town, charged with the same offence.
The criminal judge has only been able to set the term of imprisonment in accordance with the severity of the offence.
Nature apologizes for the offence caused, and has corrected the text to better explain the research project described.
Historians might take some offence at having their subject treated with such cavalier disregard for reality.
From my perspective it seems to be bending backwards to be respectful and courteous and to avoid even the hint of offence.
Because that is an offence that you have actually committed here whether you realise it or not.
The saint's refusal was a second offence in the eyes of the sycophants of the court.
Woolman felt regret at the loss of the employment and at the necessity of giving offence.
They have to write offensive and defensive, despite their fidelity to the c in offence and defence.
But federal prosecutors can file many charges for what is essentially one offence.
He says he meant no offence to the monarchy and was unaware of the law.
While it is an offence to drive a vehicle with broken or faulty lighting, it is not a penalty point offence.
He had denied the offence but changed his plea to guilty, the court was told.

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