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If you're one of the unlucky ones, the ground starts to shake, jolting your house off its foundation.
One day in the future, infection may be fought by simply switching bacterial invaders off.
The lumbering beasts coexisted with the first humans for tens of thousands of years and then died off.
To prevent powdery mildew, plant resistant varieties and routinely spray plants with jets of water to wash off fungus spores.
Now pharmaceutical firms are beginning to careen off the patent cliff.
Warming due to climate change will level off in the coming years, researchers predict based on a new climate model.
What's left over in the core, the radioactive material, will continue to give off heat for a long time.
The best strategy is to shake snow off or knock it off with a broom to keep it from building up.
One such might be the requirement to stash your earphones and switch off your iPod on take-off and landing.
Digital books are flying off the proverbial shelves.
Cutting off the wattles of roosters and seeing how the behavior of hens changed wasn't an option.
Gray-green leaves tend to drop off around bloom time, but this partly deciduous tree does not lose all of its foliage.
She told me of a house which had its roof blown off and a signed check lying on a table below wasn't even blown off the table.
The honey runs in a bright amber stream off the frame.
Every couple of months, set the plant in the shower and spray the foliage with tepid water to wash off dust.
The next day he took his two sons to the barn with him, and again the crows flew off.
Holds its fruit up off the ground, avoiding fruit rot.
The birds could have been another species flying off track.
After gaining some height, they peel off in small groups, a sea of opal white underbellies.
But not every high-tech strategy pays off for colleges.
Anyone who has played football knows how much work is done off the field.
Paying off your house puts all of your money in a single investment.
When things heat up outside, cool things off in the kitchen with a chilled, low-fat soup full of fresh summer ingredients.
Many people have responded about tenure-track positions and taking time off after giving birth.
He first combined plants with textures and forms that play off one another.
To scare off the predatory creature, people covered their homes with the color red and filled the air with loud noises.
With a small, sharp knife, cut the ends off the oranges.
Journalists in the city warned her to be off the streets by dark.
He did this by sectioning off a kilometer-length of stream beneath a vast greenhouse built in the forest.
In spring, it provides an ideal environment for hardening off annual flower and vegetable seedlings started indoors.
Self-medication may be the reason the blogosphere has taken off.
At either cape, look for daredevil windsurfers and fishermen casting off the cliffs.
The tops of tall liquidambars lopped off to make way for an expanded roof line.
Here are four quick recipes that show off milks, both plain and flavored, in all their timeless glory.
Clerestory windows bounce the light off the ceiling, brightening the space.
More and more, the faithful and religious people are flocking to pilgrimage sites on and off the beaten path.
Apple is now suing the socks off the company for copying the look and feel of its products.
The agitated zebras gallop back and forth in short, panicky dashes, then skitter off into the absolute darkness.
The party in power almost always sustains losses in off-year contests.
Volunteers plucked six turtles off beaches this morning and seven last night.
And second, calculating how much time lights would have to be turned off in order to make up the difference.
And it's the first reserve to place such a large area of open ocean off-limits to commercial fishing.
It rapidly diminishes in size in its course up the neck, owing to the number and large size of the branches given off from it.
Pour off liquid in pan in which chicken has been roasted.
About the middle of their course they give off lateral cutaneous branches.
Dip peaches quickly in hot water, then rub off the fur with a towel.
The waters off the coast turn molten silver, then disappear into darkness.
She began by creating a private sanctuary at the back of the property, off the existing studio.
Some fish, some doze, some launch their own kayaks and paddle off.
The powdered sugar makes the mites lose their grip and fall off the bees.
Virtually every other major research university maintains part of its collections off site.
The professionalization of the field is turning students off.
But an alarm went off before they got their hands on anything.
Because of his financial problems, the house had to be sold at a sheriff's auction to pay off debts.
Speaking of a vast wasteland, you might want to start picking out and clearing off a place for our spacecraft to land.
Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush.
The display employs microscopic mechanical switches that turn pixels on and off at rates more than fast enough to display video.
Every now and again, the gas giant captures a nearby object, which hangs around for a few years and then wanders off into space.
Our prehistoric ancestors spent much of their waking hours foraging for and consuming food, an instinct that obviously paid off.
The result: water rolls off the surface of the membrane while oil travels quickly up the pores.
But it has become more difficult for the gate to fully cut off the flow of current.
If you care about your own productivity, don't be afraid to goof off online.
It's also possible that chemicals on robot are off-putting to the other bees.
We took off our boots and stuffed our socks and belts in them.
These epigenetic switches and markers in turn help switch on or off the expression of particular genes.
How a mental gym can tone your mind and stave off memory loss.
If the thrower gets the stone off to a bad start, spin can bring it into better position before it hits the water.
To be struck off is essentially the same as being disbarred.
However, the study cautioned that the ability to replicate the findings in humans was a long way off.
One produces pigment for the hair before dying off, while the other becomes a new melanocyte stem cell.
Cut off portion of parchment with spider and reserve.
Invert web on parchment onto cake and carefully peel off paper.
After a month of ten-hour workdays, he figured he should have paid that debt off.
Begins with low clouds, and it seems the clouds stretch off to forever.
Times may be tough, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to off-brand booze.
Pull off excess fat around cavities of chickens and discard, then rinse chickens and pat dry.
Next, a leisurely roast in the oven makes them fall-off-the-bone tender.
Squishy is in the stroller munching on a piece of green garlic as long as she is, and laughing her fool head off.
The homey yellow cake here is studded with wedges of them, their summery, sunshiny essence set off by a trace of nutmeg.
While steak rests, pour off oil from skillet, leaving garlic and herbs in skillet.
Yet the cake cried out for a glaze to top it off, the way an artfully placed scarf turns a dress into an outfit.
Transfer the chicken to the platter, and pour off the fat from the pot without discarding the tasty browned bits.
Plus, it's always easier to lift solidified fat from a chilled stock than it is to skim it off a hot one.
Pull off excess fat around cavities of chicken and discard, then rinse chicken and pat dry.
Vesey heads off hopefully to pursue a career as an actor.
She had left off any makeup at all, as if to be invisible while she watched the spectacle that was certain to begin in moments.
Public meeting on salmon forecast kicks off season-setting process.
The cost effectiveness of when to turn off lights depends on the type of lights and the price of electricity.
It is a familiar scene these days: employees taking newly laid-off co-workers out for a consolation drink.

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