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While the odds may not be in favor of these actors in the arena, they certainly were in the casting room.
The odds are that the whole question is not worth the poorest thought which the scholar has lost in listening to the controversy.
The big-sky vistas were at odds with the image of a deep, dark swamp.
But even if you're driving straight from home to your picnic site, odds are it won't make it.
The odds are good that you will have the place to yourself.
For many, the pursuit of a college degree is itself a large bet against uncertain odds.
The move puts colleges at odds with major food corporations and with a public that buys the stuff in record amounts every year.
On the other hand applications fall off when people realise the odds are against their being accepted.
It would be kind to help them to have realistic expectations and let them know the odds they are facing.
But certain things help to shift the odds in your favor.
Students continue to matriculate because they don't know the odds.
We don't have proof yet that this was political, but the odds are that it was.
Live scores, odds and team matchups for all major league sports.
Here's a list of tips to beat the odds of this oft-feared doomsday scenario.
The odds of seven or more failing before replacements get into orbit is rather low.
If you've played that game, the odds are excellent that this is all you need to hear.
It goes against their instincts to concede that the odds are so stacked against them that it is not worth the gamble.
First, he rejects any ideas that are at odds with what is currently understood about the fundamental laws of physics.
Even better, he did so in a way that maximises the odds of a resolution of the currency problem.
Yet modernity embodies urbanisation, secularism, and intellectual freedom which lie ever at odds with our rural religious legacy.
Higher education is not a guarantee of employment, but it improves the odds immensely.
His opponents argue that regional deals can strengthen exporters' political clout, so raising the odds of freer global trade.
The two countries have been at odds for months over the wages and conditions of domestic servants.
Its best bits should cut the odds of bad stuff happening.
They are convinced that, against all the odds, they will be able to turn their dream into reality.
Against the odds, each finds her way into a good college, but the hurdles only mount from there.
Against the odds, each of these characters is driven by his or her own form of determined optimism.
But even here populist sentiment is at odds with itself.
The long-term matrimonial odds had never been terrifically auspicious.
But the odds that a flu vaccine would cause more harm than the illness itself are practically zero.
The other new element-at odds, it seems, with such solicitude-is achievement pressure.
The odds of justices suffering severe loss of mental capacity in office would decline dramatically.
Striking how much at odds those moments are with the tone of everything else.
Odds are you picked the wrong one so odds are if you switch you win.
The researchers tracked the animals' percentage weight gain per decade, as well as animals' odds of being obese.
Laying odds that this is conscious, and the game will eventually be laid bare.
Go to a movie, and odds are that the plot will revolve around deceit in some shape or form.
To figure out how good goalies might up their odds, scientists attached motion detectors to college-level penalty kickers.
Conservationists have historically been at odds with the people who inhabit wildernesses.
It can call itself whatever it wishes, but fundamentally it's actions are at odds with it's words.
So next time you're stuffed and the waiter wheels around the dessert cart, know that the odds are against you.
Against all odds, the experiments worked shockingly well.
The odds against each hypothesis are beyond calculation.
And as far as treatment for infertility is concerned, the odds are that there would be other ways of overcoming the problem.
Consequently, odds are that sea-level will continue to rise.
At a brief glance, they may look similar, but the odds are they arent.
In current memory devices, these properties are usually at odds with each other.
The mechanism of spontaneous accurate choice against tremendous odds is all important.
Such success in attracting the attention of potential bidders seemed, to me, at odds with the need to run a press conference.
The staff meal consisted of odds and ends-bits of fish, or a few dozen potatoes.
It was at odds, he felt, with the issues facing the country after the cold war.
While it's a story that ties everything up in one neat package, however, it's strongly at odds with the evidence.
Marine mammals face even steeper odds, with one in three species at risk of disappearing, according to the study.
But the odds of finding even a single one of the aquatic giants may be steadily diminishing.
It was an extremely fortuitous find, because the odds of mummification are slim, researchers noted.
If you were diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease and given those odds, you wouldn't hesitate to go through treatment.
The games have added impetus to a number of policies and projects, likely boosting odds for the bag ban's implementation.
Sturgeons may face long odds, but the fish has survival in its genes.
That's because, with current technology, odds are low of finding planets around a dying star about to explode.
If you take risks with preparation and care, you can increase those odds significantly in your favor.
Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.
With a subject that is moving, your camera's motor drive gives you better odds of capturing a sharp shot.
Despite all the dead air, the true believers say the odds of success are now better than ever.
These unfavorable odds can be incredibly demoralizing.
They also can have profoundly negative impacts on a talented scientist's career, if the odds never manage to tip in their favor.
But the odds against finding extraterrestrials are huge.
She would be a fool to pay odds to someone though, unless she had evidence of unfairness.
Pre-screening drugs on patient-derived cells could increase the odds of picking the right drug from the beginning.
On a cosmic scale, this idea could help explain how life arose in the universe against tremendous odds.
And remember, even if it falls over land the odds of it hitting anyone are incredibly low.
Yet improbably, miraculously, the universe-the ultimate dark horse-beat those odds.
Too few organics, and odds are that they could never have gotten together to begin the process of life in the first place.
Because the two theories were at odds with each other, they said, quantum mechanics must be incomplete.
The cost is low and so are the odds of discovery, but the payout would be tremendous.
The odds of hitting a habitable area are one in eight.
But given that huge range, the odds of it blowing up next year are pretty slim.
Forget you take risks every day that have better odds of killing you than an occasional flu shot.
One in a million is far better odds than one in ten thousand.
But the odds of them learning how to conduct warfare against humans is infinitesimal to none.
When you're single and dating, odds are you spend a fair amount of time worrying about your looks.
But the odds clearly favor aggressive game bidding when vulnerable.
And if it did, odds are that it would not be in favor of establishing such a right.
Then they tackled the odds that they would converge on a two-day period.
But the odds are much better if other countries around the world do more to goose their economies as well.
To take care of odds and ends, he also accepted bribes in return for government favors.
Buy a new car, and the odds are getting better and better that you'll still have it when it's an old car.
People in the top fifth percentile of drinkers had the highest odds for anxiety.
The game with the best payout odds, by the way: craps.

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