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He turned and went towards the door, regarding me oddly over his shoulder.
In that high place in the darkness the two oddly sensitive human atoms held each other tightly and waited.
It came into my head, oddly enough, that my voice was too harsh and deep for them.
The intelligence is often oddly low, with unaccountable blank ends, unexpected gaps.
The penguins must also weather, oddly, an excess of affection from all the people who want to see them.
Yet for all our desire to possess this tangible evidence of a life once lived, we've become oddly squeamish about our dead.
But something looked funny, his hair oddly full and glossy.
Oddly, this has triggered a new movement to lower the drinking age.
Oddly, however, the currencies of many other countries with large deficits had enjoyed big gains until recently.
But oddly, once the crack teams of lawyers and accountants were on the case, they recovered almost twice as much.
What is sometimes missing-oddly, in a book that aims chiefly to supply the missing context-is a sense of fairness and proportion.
Oddly, one group of drug-dependants has a tougher time getting and disposing of their needles: diabetics.
Diversity and development might seem to sit oddly together.
Yet, oddly, hardly anyone is using them in this way.
Oddly for such a large and supposedly vital project, the launch was low key.
Oddly, the same does not apply when markets are falling: then, journalists' language becomes less homogenous.
Oddly he later watered this down, by saying he was only expressing a personal view not a government policy.
Oddly, his revolutionary leanings had a strong foundation in home economics.
Oddly, one traditional tool has survived the winnowing: the campaign balloon.
Oddly, that material has now disappeared from its website.
But the bond market has been behaving mighty oddly, with yields falling over the past year.
His behaviour was marked by an oddly prankish streak and outbursts of genuine jollity.
But for such a well-rehearsed exercise, the announcement when it finally came was oddly low-key.
Ignore climate change, and it is an oddly comforting place.
What it sees can at first strike an outsider as oddly romantic.
Oddly enough, their sentiment is not too different from the expectations of the academic establishment.
While blog reading does not an intimate relationship make, it might make some people look oddly at a review.
What an oddly interesting image at the top of the story.
Well, oddly, the fantasy is arousing but the reality hurts.
That's is different from destructive behavior and the oddly ravaging effects of more serious illness.
Oddly enough, this can be preferable to the ones where no one is in charge.
She got good teaching evaluations because, oddly enough, she was a good teacher.
The dean at my college is also, oddly enough, involved with a center that emphasizes character development.
Oddly, the hotels weren't a problem because they clustered up sort of by accident.
It is not against the law to engage in paranoid rants, nor is it against the law to behave oddly.
Oddly, this greatly limited speakers ability to offer honest opinions.
Oddly, the polarization of the other photon will always match that of its partner.
Oddly, the mutation raises prothrombin levels in the blood but does not alter the composition of the prothrombin protein.
Oddly enough, the marchers acted less selfishly than the walkers.
Oddly, the world has yet to see the first cloned stuffed animal-a taxidermy specimen sampled to make a spanking new creature.
Oddly, since its radiation kills nearby thyroid tissue, smaller doses are more carcinogenic than larger doses.
Oddly, my sense of direction per se is completely borked.
What an oddly tangled web he appears to have weaved.
It is much simpler to build although it requires some creativity to fix oddly shaped bricks into proper dimensions.
Thus, oddly enough, it's turning out that cities are the best thing that ever happened to wilderness.
Oddly enough it seems people are betting on whether the body is a hoax.
Oddly enough this doesn't involve any transmission of information between the two coins at all.
And yet, oddly, there seems to have been little selection pressure to drive the development of this ability.
Oddly the hunting public has been the biggest impediment of late.
But as another presidential election looms, the movie feels oddly out of touch with the electoral mood.
Oddly enough, however, there are moments when the viewers find themselves happily bouncing with the music.
Instead, its oddly resilient texture resists melting even while it so delectably does.
Hammerhead sharks are consummate predators that use their oddly shaped heads to improve their ability to find prey.
Accounts abound of both domesticated and wild animals behaving oddly before major natural disasters.
Oddly, that's how the project started-with wanting to alleviate poverty.
Radar observations show that something in a few of those craters is oddly bright.
Oddly enough, none of those magnets will accelerate particles.
It seems oddly fitting for a people who are perpetual outsiders that even their patron saint is an interloper.
But on closer inspection, one devil's path in this frame appears oddly bright at one end.
It nuzzles our headlamps oddly, as if craving light, then reaches for our offering of apples and water.
It was dusk, a time when monkeys chatter as they settle in for the night, but the caldera forest was oddly quiet.
Oddly, humans are unique among primates for our near-total bodily hairlessness.
The oddly-spelled accessory is simply a silicone-rubber ball with a strap that slips over and secures to your bike-stem.
The effect is surprisingly convincing, although it oddly seems to make the screen seem smaller.
But, oddly, technology is also what keeps them around.
Oddly enough, the random nature of the shadow mask is the key to the whole operation.
The action has an oddly undifferentiated, wearying feel to it.
Oddly, the actor doesn't seem real in any of the parts that he has written for himself.
After so many savory dishes that make complexity look full of ease, the desserts feel oddly overwrought.
Witnesses said that the brothers behaved oddly after the crash.
She was no train wreck-nothing of the sort-but she stood still, and oddly so, occasionally sipping water and swaying little.
It was an oddly effusive greeting in what is typically a somber moment: the victor offering his condolences to the vanquished.
But clearly many voters-even, oddly enough, some of those who didn't vote for him-expected a miracle worker.
The oddly oxymoronic effects of steroids on the human body.
Oddly enough, the limestone was originally a marine deposit.
It's a bit tough to see, but it's the oddly wobbly circular shape right in the middle of this photo.
Oddly, though, rewiring a few connections has almost no effect on the network's level of clustering.
It was outrageous, of course, but it seemed oddly appropriate.
Knowing the sad ending makes the book oddly riveting.
The dramas are oddly personal, but not personal enough.
Oddly enough, the newspapers under-played it, even though they gave it streamer headlines day after day.
It's an oddly disembodied sensation of traveling in a magic-realist bus, or coming around from an anesthetic.
There was something oddly poignant about such episodes.
Oddly, there was a nurse on hand in the otherwise empty office where they directed him to sit.
The dots jiggle oddly as the beaks cast about for you, and then hold steady when they have fixed on you.
While it is a found footage film, it's an oddly ambivalent one.
Oddly, though, it was not the solemn moment he had once imagined.
And oddly, this innovation breaks down as soon as it comes to housing finance.
Puppeteering is situated oddly in the country's entertainment marketplace.
Oddly enough, the relative distance that people had to travel seems to have made little difference.
And the reason, oddly enough, has to do with orca whales.
The case was shocking, scandalous yet oddly familiar.
Oddly, the crackdown is occurring at a time when large, excessive tattoos are more popular than ever.
They are prickly, oddly cold and highly intelligent, and they take a fierce pride in their work.
Rumors and conspiracy theories are oddly comforting.
The new work, however, does feel oddly out of step with mainstream thinking.
Oddly, few of our humans are shown getting killed, though thousands of them were in the way.
Crowds turned out by the thousands to hear him almost everywhere he went, but they often left feeling oddly underwhelmed.
Fold the resulting cylinder of paper to create a tent over the bird, as if wrapping an oddly shaped present.
The oddly shaped bones and the ends of long bones usually are mostly spongy bone with a layer of compact bone around them.
Visitors are encouraged to leave areas if they find themselves being dive bombed by birds or notice birds acting oddly.
The armchairs form a pattern encircling an oddly shaped patch of gray floor in the middle of the picture.
The luxurious quality of the fabrics was emphasized by the manner in which the oddly shaped patches were pieced together.
Are of unusual weight, given their size, or are lopsided or oddly shaped.
If a wild animal is acting oddly, please do not handle and stay clear.

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