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That's an odd take of tax payments, one that reverses the order of transfer.
Ever since then, the reason for the city's odd end has been a puzzle for archaeologists.
What's really odd is how mellow and delicious this sweet cheese is in meat sauces.
Horseshoe crabs were misnamed centuries ago, when mariners thought the odd creatures' sloped shells resembled horse's feet.
There were thunderous crashes at odd hours of the night.
Project for the new-year: gut a mouse and stick the bits inside something odd.
Both may be odd inspirations for hair and makeup, but that's what makes them so welcome.
Higher education's odd characters and amusing nooks.
Odd lumps could easily be attributed to gas bloating.
Flowering stems have odd inflorescences springing out at right angles and said to resemble hovering mosquitoes.
It does seem odd that they would suggest you teach courses about which you have little or no knowledge or familiarity, though.
Still, it's odd to be on a campus so uniformly masculine.
Entanglement of linear momentum is the odd one, since wave packets are typically expressed as sums of pure momentum waves.
We've also got video of some odd dancing algae on that same page.
Literary translation is an odd sort of art, if it can be called an art at all.
It seems that something odd happens to the second law of thermodynamics when systems get sufficiently small.
On the odd chance they actually speak face to face to another human being, they're no better.
Their growing cycle is an odd one on several counts.
Rarely, however, did she purchase anything-and that struck her as odd.
Science aficionados have odd and surprising interests.
And it has no qualms about eating the odd hiker in a pinch.
Notice the small size and odd proportions of the arms.
The ground is tilted at odd angles, creating a sense of disorientation.
Some places have rather odd agglomerations: whatever works best.
It is a bit odd to blame the good for not being perfect.
No matter how odd your interests, you'll almost always find something pertinent on the web.
Somewhere in between are three-wheelers, an odd combo of car and motorcycle.
In other words, it would look odd to use letterhead for the first page and blank resumé paper for the second.
They make an odd couple, the archaeologist and the statue.
Distorted realitY, odd grim colors, heavily decorated door.
It is odd to ask for tenure before promotion, but at this school, odd seems to be the norm.
The pulsar's rapid rotation likely helped create the nebula's odd shape.
It is odd that your college does not have summer research support available.
The slump in the building trades in the past six months contrasts with an odd perkiness earlier.
The house is on an odd shaped almost triangular lot.
What an odd pair of things to require as part of an application.
Only the odd nervous cough, soon suppressed, breaks the glacial atmosphere.
The conclusion of the article strikes me as rather odd.
Living in a paradise without predators, these odd species thrived.
If nature created odd planets, even ones with starlike orbits, so be it.
Dinosaurs are not well represented in video games, for some odd reason.
And you'll be happy to know that it's cloudy this afternoon with the odd spit of rain.
But little was known about how the odd adaptation worked.
The new study, based on computer simulations, explains this seemingly odd behavior.
Start writing down ideas as they occur to you at odd moments.
Almost all of the podcasts are the same now, it's odd.
They have an odd-fruity flavor and absolutely no acid at all.
Use a sharp knife to cut sod to fit it into odd-shaped areas.
Sunglow has earned its rep for odd flavors-and, really, they're good.
From a baseball perspective, it earned notoriety among purists for its odd configuration.
My first vivid, albeit odd, vacation memory involved visiting a cave inhabited by day-glow painted dolls.
It seems an odd choice of words to describe anything in this war-torn region.
They can take light sensors and measuring devices up into the trees and reach all sorts of odd places.
With no parallel sides or right angles, the facility makes for odd optical illusions.
They are a bit odd texturally until you get used to them.
The lack of activation of this social cognition area is really odd, because it hardly ever happens.
It's an odd phenomenon, and an especially puzzling one to those who think about our evolutionary origins.
Thirty-two subjects were fed a green-colored, lavender-scented strawberry milk-an odd concoction designed to taste unique.
And they have discovered two genuinely odd anomalies that conventional physics cannot easily explain.
Many games have aged poorly, and are best left in the anonymity that the twenty-odd years since has brought them.
But endangered species can be small, odd and unappealing, too.
Previous theories had suggested this odd ridge formed via plate tectonics or volcanoes.
Finding them would be hopeless, except that they dropped a scrap of paper with some odd scribbles on it.
From snake-stomping birds to frilly lizards, animals have some odd adaptations.
Why the sharks developed such an odd head shape isn't known.
The odd-year song teams can wear colored gloves, while even-year teams stick with white.
Though she thought it was odd, she went on discussing her work.
While the two sides of this cantankerous odd couple may occasionally feud, they actually need each other-a lot.
As he ran the word over in his head and compared them to the printed text, though, something odd happened.
He works on construction sites and picks up odd jobs on the side.
But in the end, whatever personal longings he feels seem to be an excuse to study the odd religious practices of others.
Others seem to incorporate both past and future events in an odd, shadowy collage.
So maybe it's not the new plan you're considering that's odd, but the one you have now.
Instead, the report's centerpiece is an odd extrapolation of the supply-and-demand theory to college education.
One thing stood out as odd and strangely in conflict with her position as a literature professor.
The coat is less important, in fact, any odd coat will do.
He was not a real solitary, for visitors were always coming to view the progress of the odd experiment in living.
It appears to me not only obscure and meaningless, but more especially odd.
There is an odd prejudice in these hills in favour of riding.
But after a few weeks an odd accident drove me from the school.
They are chimeras, composed of odd parts stuck together.
There comes for every caterpillar a difficult moment when he begins to feel pervaded by an odd sense of discomfort.
Facing him tonight are thirty-odd students, in five staggered rows, ranging in age from eight to eighty.
Customers ask odd questions when it comes to ice cream, but you can usually see what they're getting at.
It's been acquired over the years through reading and also some odd coincidences.
Such streaks of aggression may seem odd, and they are odd.
It seems odd that cultural peace should break out at the same time that political contentiousness grows.
It was a low two-story building, with many odd additions which had been put on at intervals, and the rooms were small.
It also has fewer wind turbines than it might otherwise-again, an odd outcome for a blustery country.
In this buffed and burnished television age, he sounds and looks a bit odd.
Inside, there is little-bar the odd piece of flashy pop art-to suggest any link to high finance.
The students were not doing odd jobs to earn beer money.
Then an odd and exotic new creature, a turtledove, is brought into the house and placed in a gilded cage.
Taken by itself, apart from his thoughtful review, this admission seems odd.
He is an actor whose reputation was established when he was still at drama school thirty-odd years ago.
Trained to crises of sickness and parturition that often came at odd hours.
There's another kind of loneliness, too, which is odd considering the ardent attention paid to her by her partner.
Those omissions struck me as odd when each book emerged.
But herein lies the mystery-and the power-of this odd, odd sport.
Concerts varied in length and took place at odd hours.
We are said to be living in an icon-smashing age, but the odd thing is how few shards can be found on the floor.
The show is a decorous boneyard of defunct merriment, with the odd.
Freed from songs, the sounds draw attention to how odd machines can feel, and how powerful.
His images have an odd beauty and, at times, a subversive wit.
About two decades ago, researchers first noticed something odd was happening to amphibians.
Since the ego is irrepressible-and secular-it tends to bulge in odd shapes when religiously straitened.
There were a handful that were so wonderfully odd and offbeat.
Even more odd, the street was filled by an unbroken silence.
Odd as that may sound, it's actually not a crackpot concept.
In forty-odd years, the writer has never seen a rattlesnake.
Her music was distinctive because of its odd, timeless quality.
It was a really odd place to work, a lot of famous people who were writers in name only, they'd file their stories over the phone.
Everybody's drawn into the vortex of weirdness-because you're not allowed to make this odd parallel reality the story itself.
But his odd lack of seductiveness or felicitousness-contributing to his aura of villainy-became after a while alluring in itself.
Thus it seemed rather odd that he should be throwing his own book party, in his own small and shared flat, at his own expense.
But from almost the first instant, my terror and grief were tinged with an odd relief.
It's almost odd to say so, but mushrooms do have a texture and deep flavor that reminds me of meat.
At first sight, these new materials are simply odd: thin as a hair, transparent and full of holes.
Most odd and worrisome was the difficulty urinating.
Odd little weather systems, occurring within the larger system, can give rise to tornadoes filled with fire and noxious gases.
It was perhaps a little odd to be traveling together.

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