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The technology for doing this is demonstrated daily by members of the octopus and cuttlefish families.
The mimic octopus can impersonate lots of underwater creatures, including flatfish.
Scientists have discovered a long-armed octopus that mimics poisonous creatures of the sea to avoid its predators.
The saliva of the small blue-ringed octopus contains one of the deadliest venoms on the planet.
Read to learn the blue-ringed octopus is deadly to humans.
The octopus takes a couple of hours to cook, but the process is fun to watch, and the results are splendid.
These two, an octopus and a shark, really caught my eye.
Once, after following an octopus for an hour and a half, he looked away a moment to switch cameras.
It might want you to think otherwise, but this rare sea creature is actually an octopus.
Octopus must be boiled before it is grilled or used in a salad.
Most species of octopus have no internal skeleton, unlike other cephalopods.
Appetizers include snails, octopus and zucchini soup, and there are new desserts daily.
If you have ever felt guilty about eating octopus because of its relatively large brain size, prepare to feel doubly so.
And a mimicking octopus not only changes colors but can emulate anything from rocks to snakes.
The octopus salad may be the best in the city, and the salt-crusted pink snapper and crispy red snapper are excellent.
Instead of local governments setting their own taxes, they became tentacles of the state octopus.
Octopus tentacles recoil when he prods them: proof they have been freshly killed.
The agnolotti, packets of lemony white-bean purée, came with spongy chunks of octopus and extraneous cubes of chorizo.
The octopus is a winner-crispy on the outside, in a lemon-zesty chili sauce.
The talk was all of a coming confrontation with the colossus to the north, and its local octopus clientele.
He had been working up a plot about a giant octopus that menaces fishing fleets.
Fried rice, studded with barbecued pork and dried octopus, was served in a lotus leaf wrapper.
Otherwise there are various fish, prawn, and octopus dishes to choose from.
Experience some of the city's innovative cuisine, including steak in an ice cream cone and live octopus.
Octopus can be caught in unbaited pots because they seek out cavities for shelter.

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The monster of advertisement ... is a sort of octopus with innumerable tentacles. It throws out to right an... more
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