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It helps to have some siblings to spread around the high octane attention and expectations.
Garner likes that movie a bit too much-the story line is even worse than he says-but maybe he still smells high-octane gasoline.
Instead, his usual mode of speech is fuelled by high-octane superlatives.
High octane gasoline as well as ethyl alcohol fuel blends typically stay in the same price range, while alcohol has been cheaper.
But the science behind high-octane sweets is anything but fanciful.
Two high-octane guys from different cultures, sharing a vision and becoming a team.
One of the biggest differences between water and an oily liquid such as octane, a component of petroleum, is surface tension.
And yet what the average pigeon lacks in iq octane, it appears to make up in reproductive prowess.
To avoid engine knock, the team's engine runs on ethanol, which has a higher octane number than gasoline.
For example, gasoline produced via direct liquefaction of coal has a high aromatic content, giving it a high octane rating.
Two peaks rose above the monotonous landscape of autarchy: the production of steel and of high-octane fuel.
The place was charged with highly inflammable religious and ideological octane.
Strangers congratulated him on his homeland's high-octane engagement with developing countries.
The larger displacement engines are designed with higher compression to take advantage of ethanol's high octane rating.
Equally contentious is the effect of the post-crisis regulatory clampdown on high-octane finance.
His end was not an incandescent rock-and-roll martyrdom: there was no motorcycle crash or high-octane overdose.
Fascinating, high quality, high octane discussions here.
The economy's high-octane fuel has been low interest rates.
Things have been running on high-octane spirit ever since.
Many cars won't benefit from super or premium high-octane gasoline.
Fueled by high-octane growth, the world's largest democracy is becoming a global power.
Afterward, burn off the calories at one of the many high-octane after-hours spots.
The turbo with premium gas and a little octane boost helps this thing perform.
If your car is made to run on regular, you're wasting money buying higher-octane gas.
These high-octane investors are willing to take big chances for fast money.
Excuse the connection, but it is a high octane kind of song.
Particularly when high-octane egos and mercurial personalities are involved.
Octane requirements may increase with the age of a vehicle.
Most of the octane boosting additives that you buy at the store have a high alcohol content so as to get the octane up.

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