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He had returned to the comfort of this glamorous gym carpeted in a red-green-and-beige octagonal design.
These novel crayons aren't really round-they are more octagonal, so they don't roll away as easily.
It is not a large building but exquisitely beautiful, with a distinctive octagonal tower.
The octagonal central chamber contains the cenotaph with diagonal sides leading to the corner-chambers.
The lighthouse and attached brick keeper's house sit on an octagonal pier in the water.
Its offerings are freshly prepared at an octagonal chef's station in the middle of the room.
Octagonal guest villas are set within the gardens, facing the sea.
It is a vision of shimmering cream and white island architecture with bay windows, octagonal decks and gazebos.
He suddenly remembered the octagonal, green-and- cream pattern of the linoleum floor, dotted with hair clippings.
Then you would step down into a large octagonal room dominated by a central column.
The formal dining room is almost octagonal and has large windows.

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The most foreign and picturesque structures on the Cape, to an inlander, not excepting the salt-works, are the windmills... more
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