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Example sentences for ochre

The ochre walls of the piazza are also scarred, with pockmarks from bullets gone astray.
In addition, they wear body decorations of ochre and sheep fat that have a distinctive smell.
Ochre from clay was heated to produce reds, yellows and browns.
The entire body is rubbed with a cream, which consists of rancid butterfat and ochre powder.
The wound is then tapped with a flat stick to increase the flow of blood, and red ochre is rubbed into it.
The test paper has turned an ominous shade of ochre, suggesting arsenic up to four times the allowable limit.
The bones had been covered in red ochre, a pigment made from clay.
The walls were finished with stucco and painted green, ochre and cranberry red, colors chosen to blend with the surroundings.
Ochre, a red mineral, could be used to make red paint when mixed with grease.
He has located every pictograph mentioned in the reports except one: the red ochre bear paw.
He dyed many of his own threads and fibers with natural dyes made from local walnut, mulberry, and ochre clay.
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