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Therefore, the pattern of oceanic winds should matter a lot to their survival, especially during breeding season.
The theory is that volcanic eruptions beneath the ocean create new oceanic crust, which then moves away from the ridge.
Island-arc volcanoes occur at subduction zones, where two oceanic plates collide and one is pushed under the other.
On a more general note, trans oceanic freight is a huge industry and for good reason.
Each country pay into oceanic fish breeding centers.
Once again, atmospheric and oceanic processes act to alleviate such imbalances.
Hydrothermal vents occur at oceanic ridges where brand-new seafloor emerges from the ductile depths of the mantle.
Likewise, the sheer number of oceanic compounds yet to be explored would overwhelm human lab technicians.
They've already started considering many other types of geoengineering, from artificial trees to oceanic plankton.
The enclosure creates a kind of oceanic lake, sheltered on all sides from strong currents.
Several species of oceanic bacteria consume methane gas that naturally seeps from the ocean floor.
The large number of rare microbial species suggests that they have an important role in the oceanic ecosystem.
It's a venerable idea to see extinctions at sea as being caused by a disturbance of the whole oceanic habitat.
The oceanic crust was subducted--forced down into the underlying mantle.
Additionally, winds and all sorts of extra-oceanic inputs can roil the surface.
Nonetheless, the results suggest that changes in ocean temperatures could have a big impact on the spread of oceanic species.

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