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People who find reasons to occupy their time with activity may be happier.
The story of where modern humans came from has never been cut-and-dried, but two theories occupy the forefront of the debate.
Jurors also appreciated that the buildings have strong visual impact yet occupy a minimal footprint on the land.
Currently spacecraft remains occupy only a small portion of the moon's surface, he said.
Forests frequently interrupted by open areas occupy the lower half of the valley.
Without question, people had a lot fewer diversions to occupy their time.
They now live in a world where humans occupy much of their native habitat.
To occupy his time, he had to veer off the straight and narrow.
World traders occupy gleaming new hotels that modernize the colonial capital.
They occupy each other, play with each other and rest together.
They occupy chairs and tables under languid ceiling fans and a haphazardly joined ceiling of corrugated plastic sheets.
Send the kids out to occupy themselves, to discover some curiosity or treasure there.
She also learned that if two or more females occupy the same space, they may suppress each other's reproductive hormones.
The seamen who occupy their business here are skilled, wary, courageous.
The population density is derived by dividing the number of people by the area they occupy.
In summertime, people eat on their balconies and in parks, and occupy public spaces with their private concerns.
Decide how much space you want your garden to occupy.
In addition, resources should be used at a level that justifies the space they occupy.
Your proposal must show your awareness of those multiple discourses and show the place your research will occupy within them.
Both types of employees occupy an increasingly important role in colleges and in the economy as a whole.
Another important way to occupy your time between the telephone call and the interview is to prepare your teaching demonstration.
The crossed fibers of the optic nerve tend to occupy the medial side of the nerve and the uncrossed fibers the lateral side.
It would occupy too much of our time to go into this theory.
Scientists have long wondered how corals manage to eke out a living in the nutrient-poor waters they tend to occupy.
He had recognized that equivalent weights of different substances, such as silver and gold, occupy different volumes.
These poor people occupy the lowest rung of humanity's ladder.
To be fair, biologists long knew that sea squirts occupy a branch close to the vertebrates in the tree of life.
Their owners work in order to afford them, and when they actually occupy them they're anxious.
But on the negative side, many won't have jobs to occupy their days and won't be productive in terms of work.
Electric cars have been around since the mid-nineteenth century and they continue to be unable to occupy more than a tiny niche.
He did not mean that the power of poetry should be publicly recognized or that poets should occupy the offices of state.
Once here, in the early days, the wives had little besides frugal homemaking to occupy the endless hours they spent alone.
Since digitized books occupy no shelf space they can remain in print and in stock as long as digital storage devices survive.
How they perform may make a difference, but they still owe their power to the chairs they occupy.
Yet the search for a theory that would unify all of physics continues to occupy thousands of researchers around the world.
In the biomedical area, the people who are bringing you all the novelties occupy the moral high ground.
There are many reasons why species can start to split into two, even though their members occupy the same range.
The two populations occupy different locations, so there's perfect correlation between cultural form and position in space.
There's plenty of real life situations requiring critical thinking to occupy us.
The movies occupy his universe, and the books and such occupy a different one.
Students will design a garden with a variety of flowers that each occupy a portion of the garden.
It also enables people to change the percentage that they occupy as their principal residence.
Masked shrews occupy moist habitats in forests, open country, and brushlands.

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