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On rare occasions the auditorium may be available during business hours.
Admittedly, we've asked for the same on occasions when a little spirit of conjecture would be welcomed.
Normally stored in a climate- controlled vault in the museum, the case is taken out of the vault only on special occasions.
Certain factors can cause dry eyes, which in my case caused a major setback on two different occasions.
It is therefore possible to predict what should happen on future occasions.
Kava is mixed with water in the bowl and is drunk using coconut shells at social occasions.
It is the setting that readily comes to mind when one thinks of holidays or family occasions.
Anniversaries are one of the few occasions at which a nostalgic impulse should be left to roam unfettered.
Unfortunately corpses have been used as verification on several occasions.
Memorial exhibitions are not usually the happiest of occasions.
On some rare occasions you may get lucky and have the dept chair in attendance and get the opportunity to introduce yourself.
The phrase has come to refer to those rare occasions when a second full moon appears within a single calendar month.
He told her that she looked good, too, on the few occasions that he let her drive.
Her blood pressure dipped dangerously low on many occasions.
On several occasions the conflict has been declared over, either by police or by the warring parties themselves.
The thing is, you only need all those guys on rare occasions.
Keep your honeymoon and other special occasions under wraps, at first.
However, in numerous other occasions such increase is not observed.
She devotes several chapters to the correct usages of engagement and wedding occasions.
One idea is to find previous occasions when big environmental changes came alongside social, political and military shifts.
On rare occasions individuals show white patches in wings.
They show emotions, intelligence, and on some occasions a sense of humor.
He has performed all over the world at a variety of occasions and festivals.
Backup generators are installed precisely for such occasions.
His concern specializes in the video-taping of legal proceedings and family occasions.
But there may be occasions when there is a currency mismatch.
Not that there weren't occasions for second thoughts.
These occasions demand industrial-strength solutions.
We record the momentous occasions and the occasional moments.
The pilot carried a hammer with him to use for such occasions.
All told he's been plucked from the ocean by rescue helicopters on five different occasions.
On rarer occasions, politics is about avarice vs morality.
Its sheikhs concede that it is permissible to greet infidels on personal or national occasions.
The city is full of spies and informers who have on occasions detained reporters who have been spotted unaccompanied.
On several occasions before she died, other elephants had tried to help her stand up.
On some occasions, though, both edges of the bat are coated.
But on the rare occasions that a few brave souls have tried, they have been ousted from their posts.
On the first two occasions, the executive promptly introduced measures to overcome the judicial blockage.
And on the rare occasions when projects are suggested, they are often met with noisy outrage.
On several occasions since then he has been saved by time limits on prosecutions.
On the rare occasions when real snow is abundant, reaching or leaving the resort can be impossible.
Even allowing for the hyperbole generated on such occasions the commendations were merited.
And there are occasions, such as during a daily commute, when motorists might welcome not having to drive.
At first, only one participant managed to meet these exacting criteria, though he did so on two occasions.
Unlike those occasions, this release comes several months after the beginning of the crisis that necessitated it.
On both of these occasions, a sea gull paddled over and pecked at the fish for a little while.
They were returned, stored safely, and discussed on pertinent occasions in the future.
The result is that research faculty regard collective occasions as a hindrance.
To ensure that you do not miss out on big events, factor those occasions into your schedule.
Students might still need to purchase textbooks on some occasions, but their costs would probably be reduced by half.
Admittedly, on a few occasions, prior knowledge of faculty members has influenced my judgment in the opposite direction.
On some occasions, but not all, language of origin is of great relevance.
And, on rare occasions, it is has familiarized me with some neon-light blinking morons.
Certainly she is old-fashioned in that she reserves her magnanimity for special occasions.
It lasted over the course of several days, spread over two different occasions.
Shriver would have had something to say about both occasions.
On rare occasions, an emotion other than greed motivates someone, and the world changes a little.
Doctorow here appears not so much a reconstructor of history as a visionary who seeks in time past occasions for poetry.
On both occasions, the authors took structural brain scans of the subjects using magnetic resonance imaging.
But on those rare occasions when a cheese course is served it shall be severely curtailed.
Usually a few tame heretics are kept to represent the heads of party and state on such occasions.
He simply was forced to permit new occasions to teach new duties.
We've covered this in this blog on several occasions.
Then, for those relatively rare occasions when a longer range is required, rent a car.
The staff can accommodate banquets for special occasions or cater private parties.
The type of cloth used varies from simple cotton batik prints to heavily embroidered satin fabrics for formal occasions.
Numerous special packages are available, and the hotel caters to business meetings, weddings holidays and other occasions.
From birth to wedding, occasions are marked with the gift of fermentation.
Ornaments are good gifts for holidays and other special occasions.
On rare occasions this also happens via the moonlight.
On such occasions, few things are more pleasant than a cool, postprandial mud bath.
Besides, the company's attorneys said, the heirs did not live at the farm but used it only on weekends and other occasions.
In a climate where clothes are superfluous, this is how you dress up for special occasions.
Lots of animals on the planet have advanced night vision- and quite likely this ability has evolved on multiple occasions.
Yet chemists have on several occasions discovered that seemingly impossible reactions turn out to be quite possible.
On several other occasions, she made contraception morally equivalent to the termination of pregnancy.
E ven on those occasions when local indie labels expressed interest in rap, the response was not always welcoming.
He keeps in close touch with old friends from high school and quietly shows up for important occasions.
For the pacifist it is all easy: he has a ready answer for all occasions.
It can try them in civilian courts, and has done so successfully on many occasions.
One wonders if on such occasions she reminds her husband who it was that made his political career possible.
Whether it really occurs is uncertain, but the author's field work leads him to believe that it does, if only on rare occasions.
According to other reports, he was also given electroshock treatment on several occasions.
No doubt it was also a relief to compose quick bright verses in celebration of such occasions.
They found that it was possible on rare occasions to change one kind of nucleus into another by adding or subtracting a particle.
He made an appointment with me on two different occasions and he broke both of them without explanation or apology.
But this was one of those occasions in which people take leadership in their own hands.
The incident that occasions this censure is the center of a chilling scene.

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