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But occasionally amphibian development takes an odd turn.
After all, there has to be a population of animals which would be leaving tracks, scat and occasionally bodies.
Occasionally, one would lift off the bottom, grab an insect off the surface and drop back to its chosen holding spot.
Though they occasionally spar with crocodiles, a growing number of skirmishes are with humans.
Two weeks later, he somersaulted and backflipped his way across, occasionally pausing to dangle from the cable by one hand.
Plant in full sun, and water deeply only occasionally once established.
Add garlic and ginger and cook, stirring occasionally, until crisp and brown.
Occasionally, certain medications such as lithium or aminoglutethimide can cause a nontoxic goiter.
Even in this occasionally stilted early film, the director's bemused intelligence comes through.
Later, people occasionally scooped invisible objects from the floor, as if playing a game of jacks while they danced.
The external jugular vein varies in size, bearing an inverse proportion to the other veins of the neck, it is occasionally double.
Occasionally it sends a slip to the base of the second metatarsal bone.
Occasionally, they extend into the basilar part of the occipital nearly as far as the foramen magnum.
In advanced life the manubrium is occasionally joined to the body by bone.
Some are always present, others only occasionally so.
Occasionally this anterior cutaneous branch is wanting.
The anterior one is usually the larger of the two, and one or other is occasionally absent.
There is also occasionally one between the last thoracic and first lumbar, and one between the fifth lumbar and the sacrum.
It is almost circular in outline, occasionally a little broader in the transverse than in the vertical direction.
We all feel the urge to kick our home appliances occasionally.
Were drivers to vary their routes occasionally, all would reach their destination more quickly, on average.
Established members will occasionally receive information on products, services, and special deals.
These smoldering underground fires generate pollution, undermine buildings and occasionally start surface fires.
Laptops equipped with lithium-ion batteries occasionally overheat and catch fire.
The employee may occasionally sit for prolonged periods of time at a desk, or table.
Occasionally, the imagination and creativity of a roleplaying game gets lost in the mix.
It's a cheap plastic temperamental little thing that only works occasionally from a few feet away.
Occasionally, a strong wind can be heard, indicating which way to turn next.
While woodchucks occasionally perked up to chipmunk squeaks, chipmunks were more attentive to woodchucks' high-pitched whinnies.
Apple may have occasionally hinted at it, but it never promised a ship date.
You'll occasionally see them in plain clothes and/or masked.
They ate, chatted, held spontaneous teach-ins and occasionally nasty fights.
Occasionally, my music would cut out for a few seconds.
In conversation she'll occasionally grunt or sigh, but she stopped speaking altogether in her early twenties.
We had to press buttons repeatedly, occasionally three or four times, to operate any of the streamer's functions.
Thais occasionally come too, making the short trip from their border to see the charcoal and ash.
The modern campaign poster is a slick thing, with message-tested taglines and occasionally trendsetting design.
The tension as these scenes build up is occasionally interesting, but the weakness of the denouement means they never pay off.
There was no shortage of shoppers, though occasionally attendants complained to me that business was down.
Some hunters take dangerous shots at unidentified flashes of movement, occasionally resulting in tragedy.
Other such examples exist, and occasionally, a big fish gets fried and people get the message.
Only occasionally do they rise above broad parody, though.
Eyestrain is a common-and occasionally debilitating-effect of staring at screens.
Pilots occasionally report temporary flickering of lights or short-lived interference with instruments.
Nations that did this well survived and occasionally prospered.
Occasionally they will turn on neighboring genes in these locations.
Even in patients who qualify for a corneal transplant, the body occasionally rejects the foreign tissue.
Keep gas in your tank by checking the cap occasionally for cracks.
The one short coming is that a soaker hose occasionally develops a leak ie: a side split that sprays.
Given enough opportunities, outlier anomalies-even seeming miracles-will occasionally happen.
She loves to wrestle the big dogs and they allow her to pin them occasionally.
Occasionally, when conditions are right, the sea blooms red with life.
It's a given that editors will occasionally publish pieces based on their personal opinions.
Gravitational tugs, orbital collisions, and interstellar jostles occasionally perturb an asteroid or comet onto a wayward path.
The researchers occasionally refer to the project as environmental diplomacy.
Occasionally, other factors briefly influence global temperatures.
They survive mainly on fish but are known to occasionally grab birds close to the water's surface.
Blue whales live in all the world's oceans occasionally swimming in small groups but usually alone or in pairs.
As wind occasionally slapped the web against the resin, the web would lose a chunk along with its trapped prey.
Though they may occasionally feed in the same grounds, they tend to ignore each other.
Occasionally a whale will wander all the way into a harbor and attract media attention.
But its beginning and end have shifted-and occasionally disappeared.
The cubs had been trailing behind us, occasionally stopping to sniff the ground or bushes.
Contrary to popular belief, bears occasionally leave their dens, perhaps to catch a bit of sun.
Continue to boil, swirling pan occasionally, until syrup is a deep golden caramel.
You've got to turn the slices occasionally and press the ends down with a spatula to get them to cook evenly.
And the typos that do occasionally occur follow a compelling pattern.
Occasionally, a neutrino will collide with an atom, adding to your radiation dose.
But occasionally a new environment helps create a focus worthy of further reflection.
Canes and even artificial legs are occasionally not merely built to work but are designed and crafted to be fashionable.
But life, for better or worse, only occasionally resembles high school.
Occasionally--and for unknown reasons--these benign cells migrate from the lining of the uterus to other parts of the body.
The walls were coated with their brown dung, and occasionally one dropped from the ceiling onto the piles of debris below.
While the instruments will occasionally transmit images of the deep sea to the web, don't expect a web cam on the seabed.
Germs and people have always coexisted, but occasionally the balance gets out of whack.
Occasionally a fluctuation carries enough energy to materialize into a pair of new particles.
But occasionally there are pods of mutant peas that don't explode.
Good actors occasionally get to star in great movies.
The equilibrium of the atmosphere is maintained, occasionally,by hurricanes.
Usually on long walks, but occasionally over short distances with frequent stops.
Scientists occasionally ridicule what contradicts known facts, but that is different from the contradiction of accepted notions.
Occasionally, he takes a rusty old elevator down to his subconscious and visits her.
With another pupil, he stood at the curve of the piano, singing and even occasionally dancing to make his points.
Occasionally, he took a paper out of the pile and put it away under the counter.
Occasionally it would pounce on a piece of bark that had fallen off the firewood, or a shadow.
These scholars get together occasionally and partake in a recreational way of the pleasures of mathematics.
Since street art is ephemeral, he occasionally issues books filled with photographs of his work, accompanied by his own text.
There are no limits on call times, and the resulting sessions occasionally resemble protracted talk therapy.
Occasionally, someone would bang this thing with sticks.
Swift's aura of innocence is not an act, exactly, but it can occasionally belie the scale of her success.
Only occasionally is he embedded in the actual drama.
Occasionally a high-pitched squeal is heard amid bumps and the sound of scrabbling toenails.
But screens are occasionally useful additions, even when artists are unwillingly saddled with them.
Occasionally, though, digestible digs are worn out of desperation or habit.
Occasionally you have meetings with people, or see people privately, but this is a time where everyone comes together.
Occasionally, mortar rounds launched by the insurgency would rain down on the prison grounds.
Among her offenses: occasionally using a pencil instead of a pen to fill in her time sheets.
The radios occasionally sounded with exchanges between the controllers and other airplanes.
We occasionally felt neglected, disregarded, unsupported-unloved.
In the decades that followed, other researchers occasionally touched on his work.
The result was a new type of blog that not only commented on the news but also occasionally broke it.
She loved a good story, and had a fine sense of the occasionally absurd behavior of the well-known.
Still, even with her, authenticity was occasionally disrupted.
The system is not perfect, however, for the ants' fungal gardens are occasionally devastated by pests.
As it happens, engineers occasionally do reverse engineering.
Observers describe fervent, and occasionally anguished, self-examination on the part of those who fail to weep.
One could wish that the critics would treat themselves occasionally to the same purification.
Even prior to this, names were occasionally referenced.
Only occasionally mentioned in those arguments are the students themselves.
He writes occasionally for our community-college column.
For me it was preaching to the choir, but that is occasionally good for the soul.
And this will be the warmup or intro activity occasionally.
After that, they actually tried to answer lecture questions occasionally.
Individual philosophers, and occasionally whole departments, are striking out in new directions.
But the parallel system has occasionally faced snags.
She occasionally greeted customers alone at the door.
Occasionally a truck rumbled through the street outside.
Though the system occasionally strains when it's given too much to do, it manages to pull through without freezing up.
Occasionally tripping over his words, he seemed nevertheless to be in control of his emotions.
Occasionally, though, a strain that had seemed to infect only birds will cross over more or less intact into humans.
Occasionally a denial order will note that the case is not yet ripe for final disposition.
They also occasionally eat mammals and, rarely amphibians, fish and insects.
Dead ones are occasionally seen in or near owl nests.
Occasionally required to work nights, evenings, weekends and/or holidays.
While rare, the automated juror reporting system may occasionally be affected by a technical failure.
He sneaked onto the back nine with his buddies, occasionally getting caught.
The game introduces new vocabulary words by occasionally inserting them into the dialogue of the game and highlighting them.
Even small business owners who have been in business for a long time should occasionally test new prices for old products.
Though everyone occasionally blanks, some lapses are more cause for concern.
Even then, transfusion was only occasionally successful.
Occasionally there were stand-offs with riot police.
But if you are prepared to meander and occasionally indulge, then there is a wealth to discover within these pages.
As this newspaper has occasionally pointed out before, banning trade is not normally a good idea.
They are simply what should be expected to occur occasionally, given the frequency with which conflicts take place.
Importantly, their armies also learn to work together, even when relations between their governments occasionally turn fractious.
He lets his studied neutrality slip only occasionally.
She also occasionally repeats the same arguments to illustrate different points.
And, occasionally, put your hand in your pocket too.
If you can't, you might occasionally get lost among the technicalities.
Top leaders even favour occasionally exposing egregious corruption among their subordinates.
Exasperated roundheads would occasionally resort to pleading with regulators for help.
Some of the curator's choices seem a bit odd and the written descriptions, which add little, are occasionally heavy-handed.
Occasionally on a warm winter day, a chipmunk will venture outdoors, especially near bird feeders where food is abundant.
Occasionally, up the ante by throwing in a cup of white vinegar.
The rest of the new or new-ish faces are occasionally funny one-note characters.
It's okay to occasionally jump around, as long as they are natural breaks and aren't drastic jumps.
Occasionally now we'll write in cane tricks, but he he usually does his own thing and makes it his own.

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