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His occasional series of columns covers the game, its controversies and what it has taught him about everyday life.
Expect little traffic, but watch out for the occasional reindeer.
His occasional series of columns covers the game, its controversies and what it has taught him about every day life.
Responsibilities will be primarily research, with occasional teaching with a focus on practice.
But they are interrupted by the occasional hoot of pleasure.
There are also guest ales, occasional beer festivals, and delicious food in the evenings.
Most museum goers confine themselves to murmurs of appreciation or the occasional reverent flip of a program page.
Occasional volcanic eruptions had layered minerals throughout the outcrops.
Evening and occasional weekend availability required.
Yet the growth of emerging economies is unlikely to continue at the same rapid pace or without occasional downturns.
Only debris and the occasional bubbles from her breathing tank are visible.
Many of us enjoy an occasional bedtime chat with a loved one who is far away.
Plus, this one's made of vinyl urethane, requiring occasional dusting but no food whatsoever.
Does well with only occasional deep irrigation in summer.
Less-glamorous gigs involve needles, knives, and the occasional colonoscope.
Despite an occasional combative streak, the media hardly ever report corruption cases without official approval.
Shipping fuels can also consume a lot of energy, and creates an occasional environmental disaster such as an oil spill.
The natural bounty of those places made the occasional hurricane or tsunami tolerable.
Small, closely set leaves and tolerance for an occasional footstep make them choice selections for use between steppingstones.
Occasional mistakes set me back a bit, and made it important to do the puzzles in pencil.
As such, part of my job involves catching the occasional plagiarist.
Occasional resistant individuals occur but, in the short to medium term, a severe population decline is expected.
Many telescopes, he notes, are already programmed to account for the occasional addition of leap seconds.
No one talks but for the occasional murmur, tactfully hidden behind fan or hand.
Mixed in with your run-of-the-mill soybeans and the occasional mysterious missing bean are a number of notable aberrations.
Flexible hours to be established by each campus and will include occasional weekends and holidays.
Life also brings problems that money cannot solve: occasional volcanic eruptions, more frequent earthquakes, and winter.
Animals face occasional hazards at the many plantations near the park.
Once rosemary is established, occasional deep watering is almost all it needs.
There are occasional typhoons that bring high winds and floods.
But occasional fighting continues between militants and coalition troops who are moving from house to house.
In fact a four-wheel-drive is recommended, as are occasional stops to avoid car sickness.
It deals with dinosaur news, implications of research, and occasional fun thought experiments.
Though they require an occasional watering during especially dry years, these tough plants get by almost entirely on rainfall.
Never mind the occasional snapping turtle or snake that gets in the way.
These two taboos only receive an occasional voice when someone dares to suggest teaching these topics in the school system.
Here there are no earthquakes, no fires and only the occasional hurricane.
Combine this with with occasional live music and plant sales, and you have a birthday bash to remember.
Lately, though, the good news has been tempered with the occasional sign suggesting a less rosy picture.
It's as if you are coasting through the air with the occasional kick to the ground to keep you out.
But he received nothing more than an occasional reprimand.
The plant benefits from occasional tip pruning to keep it bushy and should last outdoors until frost.
And that is more than enough to cause occasional mayhem.
Food wasn't scarce, though it took some ingenuity and the occasional suspension of the laws of science.
Ever since, it has suffered from continual droop, punctuated by the occasional outright collapse.
Nothing else but this food, except an occasional change to broiled mutton.
Anacharis and water lettuce are vigorous growers and require occasional thinning.
Fossil teeth, and the occasional skeleton, show that small mammals were common at this time.
Disputes begin with high-speed chases and the occasional beak jab.
Can survive an occasional missed irrigation but look better with regular moisture.
Although she received occasional commissions for portraits, she sold relatively few paintings during her lifetime.
Quite drought tolerant but looks best with occasional deep watering add to my plant list.
Multiplies and spreads from corms with little care beyond occasional weeding.
Try to keep established plants healthy with occasional deep watering and feeding add to my plant list.
In the garden, it is extremely drought tolerant but will grow faster with occasional summer water.
Endures heat and drought but does better with occasional water add to my plant list.
Soaker hoses work well for occasional deep watering of established trees.
They need moderate water and occasional feeding to stay strong.
Life goes on, with its occasional celebrations and frequent setbacks.
Also pigs, goats, donkeys and the occasional ostrich.
Only an occasional banana grove or superannuated rubber plantation offers a spot of variety.
Foray into the forum's literature, pleasure reading, and the occasional academic article or two.
The duplication of official bodies has, however, caused occasional problems in negotiations with operating companies.
It's mostly flat, with occasional small climbs and descents, sometimes steep.
Still, the potential benefits of these boards outweigh the occasional conflicts.
The trouble, of course, is that each of us is also vulnerable to flubbing up the occasional social norm.
The dean position does carry some occasional teaching duties.
The pervasive silence is broken only by the occasional canoe paddle or the riffle of an angry bonefish.
Faculty members cannot sit around waiting to be called by a reporter or writing an occasional op-ed.
One of the perks of academia is the opportunity for occasional travel to conferences, archives, or field-work.
There are roaming patrols of rebels, roaming groups of bandits, occasional patrols by the army.
There is an occasional exception to the rule that governments should keep out of agriculture.
They all work full time, so e-mail and the occasional phone call have to do.
Occasional work parties, he says, may be needed for many years to prevent the plant's return.
More significant still, drinking is done in occasional binges rather than frequent sips.
Plus you actually do get occasional medical breakthroughs as a by product.
They have all his faults and only a small and occasional admixture of his strength and resource.
He wrote too many on occasional themes and theological polemics.
To these years, in all probability, also belong many of his lyrics and occasional verses.
His gift for epigram is, indeed, such as to make us long for an occasional stretch of leisurely commonplace.
The police make occasional schedules of a few and report them to headquarters.
To this controversy succeeded that concerning occasional conformity which has been already mentioned above.
Permission is not required for sending an occasional copy of an article to a few people.
Apart from good seats at the occasional football game and middling salmon dinners, there are few benefits and no pay.
The region is prone to occasional, violent dust storms, which can severely reduce visibility.
He enjoys watching the sky for weird clouds and the occasional dust devil.
And then there's the occasional all-too-intimate patdown.
There were also some occasional grey-colored ash clouds over the eruptive crater.
However, strong cold fronts can periodically sweep through, ushering in freezing temperatures and the occasional snow flurry.
They are only enlivened by technical hitches and the occasional political rant by a drunken winner.
Occasional additions of goat meat, wild honey, beer and cola alleviate the dietary tedium.
It fixes a guaranteed price, with the government covering its occasional losses.
Despite occasional violent incidents, the seeds of war seem finally to have been removed.
Yet almost all newspapers have survived, albeit with occasional help from the bankruptcy courts.
She spins and spins while making the occasional intuitive leap, until finally a dazzling shape materialises.
The occasional half-step across that ill-defined line is tolerated, indeed applauded at times.
The elderly are grateful for occasional royal handouts of milk.
There have been occasional complaints both that it has overstated the extent of the problem, and that it has understated it.
Over the past decade there have been occasional funding crunches as the site has grappled with its rapid growth.
Only occasional errors occur-about one for every billion base-pair replications.
Then the squid disappeared again, except for occasional stragglers.
Other than an occasional growl, she puts up with the needle treatment.
Behind the marsh the occasional dune humped into view.
The murmur of their conversations, spiked by occasional roars of laughter, lasted deep into the nights.
All this alone, except for the occasional friendly albatross.
He is often called on to hype up audiences and entertain the occasional bush spirit, he says.
Occasional users of the drug performed better on the tests.
What is special here is the occasional durability of the deceased's remains.
When you are near the ocean's surface, many whirlpools appear to be nothing more than confused water with occasional rogue waves.
Since college, my connection to the shag has been relegated to the occasional wedding reception.
They'd hike sections in between stints at home, nights in motels or occasional pit stops.
Aside from the pain and inconvenience, such occasional blood sampling is less than ideal for maintaining healthy glucose levels.
Some occasional, large centralized project are always going to be necessary.
Despite occasional sighting reports, no jaguars have been formally captured on film.
Two other studies suggest that occasional exposure does not help, but it also does not harm toddlers, either.
They might snag on the overlying plate as the crust slides into the mantle, creating occasional bursts of tremors.
These experiences are rated as seldom to occasional, and tend to occur ever one to six months.
With solar panels you fire and forget aside from cleaning and perhaps the occasional electrical connection repair.
Say goodbye to traffic jams and keep your car for occasional necessary long runs.
Brief travel narratives and occasional reports from correspondents around the world.
Basketball became a hobby that had to fit around family and career in evening, weekend, and occasional lunchtime pickup games.
Some of it is all too familiar, though there is an occasional new tidbit, piquant if not always credible.
Give them an occasional facial and a plate of escargots.
He and two fellow airmen battled starvation, eating only the occasional raw albatross or fish.
She was an occasional contributor to these pages, and her lively, nostalgic prose always met with great approval from readers.
The family would be able to communicate with their father by e-mail and occasional phone calls, and that would make it easier.
The streets are packed with pedestrians, bicycle and auto rickshaws, and the occasional car or cow or emaciated pariah dog.
Hoare is unemployed, though he takes occasional jobs around town.
He had spent weeks preparing for the parade and, apart from the occasional blip, proved himself a model soldier.
Despite the occasional helping of tortoise meat, they would have to subsist on what amounted to a starvation diet.
She was an occasional actor and an avid painter and traveler.
Besides fixing the occasional leaky pipe, a blowtorch can be used for many things in the kitchen.

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