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Be it a weekend escape or far-flung adventure, every occasion promises the chance for a great photograph.
On one occasion, she grabbed the skin under a whale shark's first dorsal fin as it cruised by.
She rationed her intake of food until, on more than one occasion, she collapsed of weakness.
It was a pretty festive occasion, there wasn't any singing or dancing, but everyone was happy.
Many ships anchored in the harbor were garlanded with flags and banners for the occasion.
As is pointed out on occasion, a few companies or consumers may over stretch the value of such testing results.
Our presentation began, consistent with the occasion, with a prolonged hug that prompted laughter and applause.
Make the distinction, and there is no occasion for any farther dispute.
She has also, on more than one occasion, attacked our beagle and tenaciously refused to let go.
If nothing else, post-tenure depression is an appropriate occasion for a reality check.
Those with big families can spend a fortune on gifts for every occasion.
Politicians on occasion made ill-advised and angry comments.
Watching your odometer roll over into six figures is a momentous occasion, especially if you drive an electric vehicle.
But on occasion, they come together for a few days of crash meetings at a central location.
Exact references of this momentous occasion are somewhat thin, and the underlying peg for a tech news organization even thinner.
On every occasion but one they have finished first or second.
As with all sports events, a certain ritual would seem inevitable and would quickly become an expected part of the occasion.
The new service will on occasion plan routes that might not be intuitive to a driver.
And while he would spy her at parties after her divorce, they never had occasion to speak, until last summer.
Granted, science has allowed us to understand and make a special occasion out of eclipses, it wasn't always that way.
On each occasion euro-zone members have done something-but not quite enough to quell the crisis.
The flavours are distinguished by the particles which emerge on the rare occasion a neutrino does bump into something.
On this occasion it was offered with only a few days' warning.
Instead, he is expected to form a minority government, seeking parliamentary support from left or right as the occasion demands.
If ever an occasion for their use was justified, it was this catastrophe.
Next week it will be a splendid occasion for a package holiday.
Decency and honesty she had in plenty, and on occasion a hint of steel.
He never, on any occasion, issued a work as a whole.
Still, it's been a great occasion: a triumph for you.
We know that the big fella likes to go low on occasion, so it's a treat to see him dial it down this early in the season.
On occasion she has a tough time walking because her balance is off.
On occasion, your accountant will probably want to check the books and make adjustments to the files.
Caddy issued a press release today to mark the occasion.
Deceived though he was on this occasion, he had a gift for identifying the great historical developments of the day.
The occasion of one of these starts of growth is always some novelty that astounds the mind, and provokes it to dare to change.
The work pays poorly at the best of times, and on occasion it does not pay at all.
The occasion was videotaped, as everything now seems to be.
The structure of this pre-dawn occasion was remarkable.
The cyclorama provided the perfect complement to the occasion.
Characters and incidents crowded the chambers of his brain, all ready for use when occasion required.
And on more than one occasion, freed of the writers' block that had driven me away from my desk in the first place.
Even radical liberation theologians use apocalyptic language on occasion.
The same generation that ended a world war rose to the occasion.
The occasion is an indication, though, of what has and has not changed in the music industry.
She also said that she has never had occasion to meet a foreign head of state.
Many used the occasion to warn of the dangers of homegrown terrorism.
He likes a boilermaker at dinnertime and, on occasion, the bullfrogs from his pond.
On the rare occasion when they disagree about something, she will be the one urging him to be more outraged or recalcitrant.
But first they were to watch a short film, made especially for the occasion.
It was a poignant occasion for the audience, and perhaps for the teacher, too.
On another occasion, he left his cell phone in a cab.
Note their responses upon being asked if their employer is holding any events to observer the occasion.
On this occasion, though, both of these virtues had deserted her.
Nicole was at the recital, wearing a short skirt that was completely taste- and age-inappropriate for such an occasion.
Indeed, on occasion the effort has been hypocritical or a failure.
Quite why this should have happened-and happened where it did-is an interesting question for another occasion.
On this fine occasion of your birthday, take a moment to review the road traveled, and plan a journey for the coming year.
To help celebrate the occasion, friends organized a surprise party.
For me scientific discovery is also an occasion of worship.
His voice cracked on occasion, but that was seen as a sign of sincerity rather than weakness.
Be sure your clothes and grooming are appropriate for the occasion.

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