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But today's technology has made hearing aids much less obtrusive and much more helpful.
The apple flavor is less obtrusive and the natural pectin will thicken the syrup a little quicker.
It is also not as obtrusive as the cheaper data card model that plugs into laptops for heavy-duty data users.
So obtrusive did they become that they almost prevented the guests from alighting from their carriages.
But with the turntable and additional pieces of scenery, it's not too obtrusive.
Subtle tone coloration is musical without being obtrusive.
In a group setting, he steers the conversation without being obtrusive.
We're now subject to obtrusive piped-in music and periodic visits by clipboard-bearing suits.
The program was marred by insistent clicks from several cameras and the obtrusive glare of flashbulbs.
His first task was to get rid of the obtrusive island hogging the majority of the room's floor space.
The top of the stadium is so high and wide that architecturally, a retractable roof would make it even larger and more obtrusive.
Such antennas worked excellently, but they still seemed esthetically obtrusive to many.
The result was visually appealing without being obtrusive.
To hear those on board tell it, the clock's obtrusive presence would almost certainly reduce.
Lee's movie as an important element of its atmosphere, at times an obtrusive one.
Fried said, rather than so obtrusive it would annoy viewers.
The stage is decorated with ropes hanging from the ceiling, tied together, unbound and thoroughly obtrusive.
On several occasions she has been urged to retreat behind more obtrusive layers of security.
Nothing in the new building is obtrusive, nothing is cheap.
Ads appear around the periphery of profile pages, which some members may find annoying but they are not obtrusive.
Large sites with dense and widespread contents or architectural remains are relatively obtrusive.
When they are on or near the surface, such sites are highly obtrusive.
While less obtrusive than a window room air conditioner, they seldom have the built-in look of a central system.
Educational technology-even when it seeks to educate about technology-should never be obtrusive or difficult to use.
Reporters may use personal audio recorders in the courtroom, but usage must not be obtrusive or distracting.
Towers and rotor blades must be of a non-obtrusive color such as white, off-white or gray.
Since the buildings in this study were generally occupied, the tests had to be as non-obtrusive as possible.
Smaller, less obtrusive, more reliable and secure monitoring devices.

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