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On a deep-sea vessel, scientists dropped traps and nets to obtain a glimmer of the life that exists in the shadowy depths.
Sometimes the first study is required in order to obtain funding for a more specific second study.
To that extent it recreates a reasonable model of conditions that obtain in orbit.
The water they are trying to obtain is valuable agricultural water.
As workers obtain skills and find better job matches, their output and earnings rise.
He did so because he could not afford to wait years to obtain a business licence.
Students can no longer obtain a general visa that covers their time at both language school and university.
But it is often impossible to obtain enough admissible evidence to obtain a conviction, the government argues.
They have made it easier for rural folk to obtain permission to settle in a middle-sized city than in a large one.
Getting federal agencies to work together has helped to take veterans off the streets and obtain health benefits for them.
Today it is both economically and logistically feasible to obtain input from a large number of people.
What is more, it would remain cheaper for dealers to obtain.
Websites would not even need to obtain new digital certificates.
He is also trying to obtain the military regime's files.
It is often necessary to approach a string of referees in order to obtain the requisite number of references.
It is rare for someone to parachute into a discipline in which they haven't already published and nonetheless obtain grant money.
Students may obtain undergraduate degrees in nursing and nutritional sciences and graduate degrees in nursing and public health.
The argument about trying to obtain the best talent worldwide tends to fall in the face of these kinds of arguments.
If the search committee wants to check your record, that information will be easy to obtain.
If he was skewing data to obtain the results he wanted, then his resignation is not a loss at all.
Software to do deluxe slicing and dicing is easy to obtain.
The government can always obtain more tax revenue by upping its tax rates on payrolls, of course.
On organized futures and options markets, it is essentially impossible to obtain a long-dated option.
Meanwhile, those who have suffered or face foreclosure appear to obtain no benefit from this part of the settlement.
Then, if their credit was good, they could obtain a mortgage from a bank.
Of course, underage smokers still find ways to obtain cigarettes.
If rates sink too low, then those yields might be harder to obtain.
The naturally tendency is for people to eat more meat as calories become easier to obtain.
Do not let the mind dwell upon what you cannot obtain.
They who deserve honor fail of it and they who obtain it do not deserve it.
To obtain these, they often ransacked the older treasures of the language.
Whereupon the emperor gave him a letter to the governor of the province to enable him to obtain satisfaction.
The meeting of different societies vary greatly, and they should be managed differently in order to obtain the best results.
Persons are commonly in such a hurry to make this motion that they neglect to address the chair and thus obtain the floor.
Residents can obtain beach permits by showing proof of residency.
Nonresidents must pay a fee in order to obtain a permit.
Obtain the information by following a different procedure.
The visa you obtain must be the new, universal visa in order to avoid travel complications.
After a single extension, you might need to leave the country and reenter to obtain a new visa.
Check with your telephone provider to obtain a per-minute rate.
Railing against a banned book that few here have managed to obtain and read is an easy way to stir up populist fervor.
Anyone without coverage can obtain coverage immediately.
With time, doctors who did not obtain autopsies were viewed with suspicion.
They note that vellum lasts for centuries, and that it would be easy for a forger to obtain old sheets.
My first impression was how incredibly easy it is to obtain and install on your memory stick.
If a thief placed it in a car in a parking lot, police would need to know which car contained the cash to obtain a search warrant.
The smart cards pay for parking spots, and their programming could be easily changed to obtain unlimited free parking.
We inform them of the research and establish the protocol to obtain permission to collect genetic data.
For the therapies, doctors typically obtain cord blood from the placentas of volunteer donors after they give birth.
Obtain a strong bar magnet with marked north and south poles.
Scientists are keen to obtain these cells to study disease and, one day, use them to grow new tissue and replacement organs.
It's only when they are cut and polished that they obtain the brilliance and luster that makes them so valued.
Some spiral galaxies obtain even more interesting shapes that earn them descriptive names, such as sombrero galaxies.
She has yet to obtain experimental data to back up this theory, but may do so in future research.
Until now, however, researchers have not been able to obtain good observational data on regional trends.
After the location is posted, seekers can come to the website to obtain a location of a cache.
As an organization, the garden may opt to purchase or obtain a long-term lease of the land.
It is recommended that you contact them ahead of time to obtain information and make reservations.
They may not be the results that you wanted to obtain in the first place, but you get results.
Instead, they supposedly thought they could get better treatment, perhaps even obtain release.
Unable to obtain a proper fix on the stars, he had only a vague idea where he was located or where he was headed.
Transcripts are all but impossible to obtain, even for fact-checking purposes.
The coincidence allowed the doctor to obtain a rare human sample from the area of the shoulder operation.
They require little water, perhaps because they obtain much of their moisture from their food.
First, they must rely on blood transfusions to obtain the heme--an essential part of hemoglobin--that their own cells cannot make.
The easiest way to type them would be to obtain tissue samples from hospitals.
The result would be kittens with a genetic mix otherwise impossible to obtain.
The watchword is energy: how to obtain it, retain it, and conserve it.
To obtain more fine-grained understanding the authors also looked at uniparental lineages.
Some patients, for example, would need to obtain copies of their records and then manually enter all the information.
Organic dyes reduce the cost of making the cells because they are more abundant and cheaper to obtain than ruthenium compounds.
As doctors obtain more such insights, this will allow them to tailor drug regimens and focus resources on higher-risk patients.
They already have or can easily obtain the few new approvals required as it doesn't require cross border procedures.
As you probably know, it is impossible for reactors to obtain liability insurance against reactor incidents on the private market.
In particular, they want to increase the amount of the down payment required to obtain a mortgage.
Permits to build churches became somewhat easier to obtain, and broadcasts of church services and programs became more frequent.
During the election campaign, he sought to draw votes away from ultra-nationalists-part of his attempt to obtain a supermajority.
They must obtain security clearances and be sworn to secrecy in order to see the detainees.
Those who do not obtain insurance must pay a penalty in the form of a special tax.
When liquids vaporize, they obtain energy by absorbing heat from their surroundings, leaving them cooler.
Under current law they have no obligation to reveal tax returns, and stockholders have no right to obtain them.
But incarceration makes stability much more difficult to obtain in all these respects.
Investigators are required to obtain approval in order to obtain the data.
If you are looking to request use of a photograph, please contact the photographers or their agents directly to obtain permission.
These are notoriously difficult to obtain, so the technique won't likely revolutionize medicine yet.

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