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Example sentences for obstinacy

Besides, that obstinacy needs to be properly tested.
Likewise, teachers should not pin the blame for a failure to convince the student merely on the obstinacy of the student.
If necessary, a little imagination and obstinacy can turn any place into a theater.
Were the consequences not so great, it would be a respectable form of obstinacy.
Their obstinacy in sticking to their customs, one could not deny it respect.
He was particularly effective in two sketches about the obstinacy of objects.
His obstinacy in the face of bleak odds has impressed, as has his tenacious hounding of the coalition government.
His devotion to principle was often seen by others, not always incorrectly, as a form of political inactivity and obstinacy.
The thin line between obstinacy and lunacy has ultimately been blurred.
The obstinacy among golfers applies as much to preventive measures as to medical treatment.
The idea is to keep the bulldog nearby to give its owner bulldog obstinacy in the conquest of his own bad habits.
If one fails to understand this, then one fails to understand obstinacy.
The court further warned that it would not hesitate to sanction any obstinacy from the parties.
Some form of perceived administrative obstinacy is no excuse.

Famous quotes containing the word obstinacy

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