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Many of the other chemical agents currently used may also become obsolete.
The top-down educational hierarchy is increasingly obsolete, and good riddance.
Either way, the fact is that the technology is making the old economy obsolete.
Because of the accelerated pace, the impression spreads that anything more than a few years old is obsolete.
All the people involved have their interest in the obsolete technology of rocket companies.
By the time coal and gasoline run out, they will be obsolete, and it can hardly be said that the environment relies on them.
Always obsolete as soon as it's printed or typed or read or learned.
These are two cornerstones of relativity theory, which shows no signs of becoming obsolete.
Making the penny obsolete would be a financial burden on some, a relief for others and a disaster to familiar quotations.
Nominating conventions are still held but have been obsolete for many years as those decisions are made in the primaries.
Paper airline tickets have nearly become obsolete, as carriers strive to lower costs and increase efficiency.
They are a parody of the minimalist doctrine that all painting had become obsolete.
Science was rendered obsolete by its own smashing victory.
When advanced algorithms are available, the rareness of single-gene behavioral syndromes will be an obsolete point.
Even though snail mail is becoming obsolete, stamps can be true works of art.
But the point is, relativity has rendered obsolete the concept of simultaneity.
Once scientists began to decipher the molecules of heredity, such an explanation became obsolete.
In the sixty years since then, telephones made drum language obsolete and completed the process of extinction.
Technology made businesses more efficient, but also made some jobs obsolete.
Today, at last, farmers are working out methods that have begun to make ploughing obsolete.
However, they also excised obsolete or particularly archaic words and usages.
Plastics replaced metal for many uses and allowed new types of products to be created, which made old metal ones obsolete.
And the facts of matter in this case is that the record industry is operating under obsolete business models and copyright laws.
Some of the publishers' functions-packaging books and promoting them to shops-are becoming obsolete.
What is more, by the time they did make it into the dictionary, they were becoming obsolete.
High food prices have also left the round looking anachronistic, if not obsolete.
Narrower than they were, the public insurer is far from obsolete.
Old strategies become obsolete and new ones are called for.
Touch-screens may eventually render this approach obsolete.
Revenues from new services would then be used to keep an obsolete infrastructure alive-a recipe for lower growth.
All economic policies become obsolete in the human world.
The prediction is therefore almost obsolete the moment it is made.
What will happen is exactly what happens when any kind of technology makes a certain job obsolete.
If that trend continues, liquid fuels might become as obsolete as photographic film.
Understandably, utilities are hesitant to make big bets on products that could soon be obsolete.
Traditional dockworkers and maritime managers found their skills obsolete or inadequate.
Super-Capacitors are real, they're right around the corner, and they will make chemical batteries obsolete.
It does not come from copying old and soon to be obsolete technology.
Only a true icon makes every other product in its category seem chintzy and dated, if not totally obsolete.
In so doing, they have managed to fully obsolete their previous work.
Each craft used to have its own highly engineered machines, but these have been rendered obsolete by the computer.
In the future, ads will exist only to attract and direct attention, because money will be obsolete.
The release of this letter replaces and makes obsolete any prior written policy on spousal support.
There may be a lot of interesting obsolete instructions hidden in our genes.
Monarchs, as a consequence, have come to seem as obsolete as court jesters or princesses in towers.
The discovery could make the yearly flu shots obsolete.
The studios and music labels have to figure out how to fit into that lifestyle, or else risk becoming obsolete.

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