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My point is not that dogged persistence and obsessive research productivity eventually pay off.
Obsessive people are often difficult to work with, self absorbed and by the sound of things too tired to function properly.
Some scientists also suspect there might be physiological reasons for obsessive tanning, she said.
At last a glimpse of a forest dance floor reveals a weird, obsessive performance.
For anyone involved in any kind of craft you know how obsessive it can get.
For this reason, you should probably be obsessive about backup.
But his obsessive digging has turned up valuable information.
The tenure process encourages paranoia and incites obsessive suspicion.
For less obsessive fans, the books are still an important memory.
Others wonder if the obsessive pursuit of happiness is itself making people miserable.
It argues that its obsessive focus on low prices is in keeping with the straitened times.
One reason why bosses might not want to be too obsessive about creativity is that generating ideas is the easy part.
The problem is the utterly obsessive reliance on empirical data and nothing else for knowledge.
His interdisciplinary approach was backed up by an obsessive attention to detail.
But camera owners can be obsessive about uploading their photos.
He was obsessive, demanding, and preternaturally charismatic.
She is, however, concerned with the obsessive need for closure inherent in the search for those answers.
These bully narcissists also seem to fit the criteria for obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.
Its obsessive clarity turns out to be the perfect basis for digital information.
If you're under forty and/or weren't paying obsessive attention at the time, the film will be full of revelations for you.
It's simple enough to pick up quickly, yet also has depth and replay value for the more obsessive gamer.
It isn't rational to be attracted to solving questions that require obsessive immersion.
But he is actually a workaholic with an obsessive-compulsive streak.
The media's obsessive coverage of this saga in contemporary physics is getting old quickly.
Being too controlling and a bit obsessive-compulsive.
With obsessive consistency, they are composed of circles and arcs.
Her acting career afforded her memorable turns as a variety of sensitive souls and obsessive monsters.
His voice is confident and warm, though clipped with a slightly obsessive precision.
In this novel of obsessive fandom, a reclusive singer-songwriter's new album upends several lives.
But her grim, monochromatic performance is too closed in to allow us to feel her obsessive rage.
Obsessive about cleanliness, he punished her when she left fingerprints in the house.
Intrigued, he became nearly obsessive about chronicling the growing wave of cases.
The obsessive focus that these blessed, cursed minds bring to their goals often excludes social peripheral vision.

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