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Of course, the urge to get above it all has obsessed photographers since the invention of the camera.
He was obsessed with tradition and obsessed with overturning it.
And for riders obsessed with the vibrations of jacket-flapping velocity, there is no alternative.
He's obsessed with the monster, convinced it will come for him in the night.
We're obsessed with sylphlike slimness, yet heading toward obesity.
Eli became obsessed with the shape of one and asked us not to burn it.
She obsessed over fitness and appearance, was probably anorexic, and was never happy in her marriage.
She is abnormally obsessed with fear of wearing this collar.
Half the time, they don't even know what they're shooting-they're so obsessed with the latest gun, the latest camo pattern.
Cable companies appear to be obsessed with the pursuit of more revenue even if it means superfluous power consumption.
Let's face it, as a species we're obsessed with ourselves.
We humans are obsessed with our centrality in the universe and that everything about us is special or sacred.
The psychopath is obsessed with control even if they give the impression of being helpless.
Apple users need to be less obsessed by their gadgets.
Our culture is obsessed with trauma and now tends to think that all bad experiences have to have bad consequences.
Collectively, as a professoriate, we're obsessed with it.
The president and board have a reputation for being obsessed with athletics and disinterested in academics.
The caricature of the tweedy idealist has yielded to that of the number-obsessed marketer.
The portrait that emerges is of a culture that's insanely obsessed with pedigree.
For the forlorn obsessed dedicated, there are even committee minutes and by-laws.
But economists tend to be obsessed with the connection between incentives and results.
For example, many in the financial markets are so obsessed with inflation that they cannot see anything else at all.
Part of my heritage is another garlic-obsessed culture.
Lately, she's been obsessed with reading the local grocery store ads and ordering my sister to go on grocery runs for her.
Instead, she focuses on the professor's looks, another indicator in our celebrity-obsessed world.
Bullock seeks restraining order against obsessed fan.
In a nation obsessed with soap operas, it's the hottest telenovela in years.
He has an incredible vineyard and is so obsessed with wine that he throws bottling parties for his whole neighborhood.
She also became obsessed with feces, once sitting on her heels in a way which hampered defecation for two weeks.
In a country obsessed with walls, he is a living challenge to the political system.
Out of this conflict grew the astonishing range of his curiosity, of his interests, and above all of his obsessed book collecting.
By inclination and training these scientists are obsessed with mathematical descriptions of the world.
We are also hopelessly obsessed with the hierarchy within our clan.
Tells how he then became obsessed with the idea of giving a kidney away.
After this, the writer becomes obsessed with finding the next barn he will burn, but never finds it.
She is obsessed with violence of a medieval sort-with armor and the color of blood and rigid headpieces and battles.
She comes from something of a safety-obsessed family.
He got obsessed, and he overwrote, and he went past it.
Tells how he became obsessed with gang life and was irked that he was not seen as a gangster.
He was puritanical, obsessed with cleanliness, and fatalistic.
Wasp culture is obsessed with exclusivity and defining distinctions in order to support a sense of superiority.
After a few seasons, so many people were playing it and were obsessed with it.
Regulators, meanwhile, have obsessed about the structure of bankers' pay.
Now both are obsessed with internal problems and have adopted wholly opposite strategies for dealing with them.
Universities are obsessed by the global marketplace for students and professors.
Such clusters give firms a useful advantage in a productivity-obsessed, cost-conscious world.
The school is obsessed with rankings, says an employee.
Map-reading is a rare skill, and not one that is encouraged by a government obsessed by cartographic secrecy.
Let me start on the topic everyone's been obsessed with for months.
Projects that are in schedule trouble often become obsessed with working harder rather than working smarter.

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